Monday, January 28, 2008

My kids crack me up!

So I thought I would share some funny videos of the kids from recently. You can watch them here by hitting the play button or click the google link at the bottom of the video and watch them full screen.

This one is from dinner time last week of the twins....

This one is of Alex singing along and dancing with this barbie that Olivia got for Christmas. It just cracks me up!

My kids make me laugh!


Toni said...

Your kids ARE funny! Alex cracked me up a lot in the first one when she was offering you some roll. Too bad I won't see all your kids this weekend!

Sue Flaska said...

Oh my gosh! When Alex faked a cough after the sneezes....reminded me of my kids! I have to say the whole process od her getting ready to dance was awesome too. At one point it looked like she got into some wine when she stubbled from being dizzy. Great videos! Thanks for sharing!