Saturday, February 21, 2009

Reasons why I love the father of my offspring today....

It all started last night, or should I say this morning. Early morning...and no it's not what your thinking, no muffins. I couldn't sleep last night and the last time I looked at the clock it was 2:45am. things I thought about during the wee hours included

a. replacing the annoying bark like stuff all around my yard with rock so the kids can actually enjoy our lovely grass in the summer rather than have splinters through their little feeties.

b. possibly painting my kitchen

c. wishing I was rich

and so on and so forth

Riveting, isn't it?

Ok not really, I know. But I really am not sure why I have such issues sleeping. It's madness. Any-who...back to the original story...Not sleeping until the wee hours of morning for me so on to the reasons I love the man I married.

1. He wakes up with the kids and lets me sleep in until 10 in the that was late.

2. When offspring come running up the stairs begging to have their nails painted (even the male offspring) he is on the ball painting until their heart's content.

Here are the other 2 little Brocklies awaiting their turn to be all painted up...

And then voila! All 3 of the Brocklies are all painted and ready to rock the joint.

Then the eldest of the painted added some bling to her get up.

3. He did all the left over dishes from the night before.

4. He cleaned the entire basement. And all of this done without even asking.

What a catch 'eh? Well I think so at least.

Love you babe.

In other news we are going to my sister's house over spring break and the kids are so overcome with excitement that they wanted to make a paper chain to count down the days. Olivia completed hers with a few links telling why she is excited to visit the Nelson casa.

Yo Nelson's...Look out we will see you in 20 days.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fun

Mr. Cody the super hero
Today we got out of the house this morning since we were pretty boring yesterday.
We ventured to the library where we left with 38 items in tow. Of course each of my children toted a bag and decided carfully upon each item they would "buy". Too cute.

For some reason Mr. Cody loves to line up his books on the floor like domino's arranging and rearranging them all to his hearts content. What a funny boy.
Cody also loves this spider man costume and would probably where it 24-7 if I allowed him to. What a funny guy. Such a little guy, yet so much to love. You make your momma happy little man.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bedtime Stories...

Every night my wonderful husband spends time putting the children to bed since I am with them the entire day. It is a special time for them to be together. Last night he started his story to Olivia....

Dad: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Olivia and her prince Troy (from high school musical)

Olivia: heheheh, giggle giggle

and so the story went with daddy....

Then Dad says to Olivia now it is your turn.

Olivia: Once there was a princess named Eliza and she loved her prince Jon.


They went to bed and kissed and in the morning they got up and he made her muffins. (my kids love muffins for breakfast)

Then they kissed again and went to bed. When they woke up he made her more muffins.

heheheheehehhe hahahahhahah

No my child does not see us making out and how stinkin funny is that?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tubing at Red Feather

This weekend we took the kids up to Red Feather and went tubing. It was pretty cold, but we still had a great time.
Here are some fun snap shots.

If it were warmer we would have spent the entire afternoon up there. Here is a video of Jon and the kids going down the hill.

We will have to go again on a warmer day and stay the night. They advertise only $69 a night for a room with 4 bunks and a queen bed. Sounds like a fun mountain get away!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Weekend and Buddy Check 9

This weekend I had my girlfriend Holly that I have known since elementary school here for the weekend with her 4 kiddos. It was a full house but we had lots of fun. Saturday afternoon we were invited to get together with some of our old youth group friends that were also in town. It was fun to catch up with all of them and talk about what we are all up to. Here is a picture of the group.
The kids all had a great time together. Holly's oldest daughter Araya and her son Keenan are pretty close in age to my kids so it worked out nicely. Here are the girls before bed saying prayers and going to bed.
Here are the boys "camping out" in sleeping bags on Cody's bed. They thought that the camping out part was the exciting part. Here is Holly and the baby, Cohen.
It was nice to have the extra space to be able to have them all over comfortably and we had a great time. Olivia had her 100 day this last week and was all proud of these glasses they made at school. What a riot. I forgot to post yesterday, but it was buddy check 9 day. Make sure that you remember to do your monthly self breast exam.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Olivia the Cheerleader

Last week Olivia and her friend Haylee did a cheer clinic with one of the local high schools. They learned (tried to learn) this dance and then they performed it at the basketball half time. They were so cute! Here they are doing the cheer.

Here they are before they performed.

Here is their dance.

One of my friends I went through treatment with, Shari, owns a cheer gym here in town and Olivia and Haylee are going to start going to a cheer class. In April they form teams and if Olivia enjoys the class we will put her on a cheer team. She enjoys her tap class now and is always talking about gymnastics so hopefully this will be a good combination of the two. The do a lot of stuff in the community such as parades and they were at relay for life and then they do a few competitions in the fall in the Denver area. I think she is really going to love it.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Twins Rodeo

Ever feel too boring to update your blog? So not working, not going to school, and just home with the kids. It has been nice but haven't had too much going on. My sister Toni came to visit with her son Jack a few weeks ago. That was lots of fun. Since I wasn't working, we hung out every day. It was fun to be able to spend tons of time with her. I miss her and wish she lived closer. Alex asked me at the store today when I was going to have a baby in my tummy that we can play with and name Jack.......uh, you're outta luck sport! We will just have to enjoy little nieces and nephews dolly, I told her. In which she responded....we never get to have babies at our house. Ha! Poor kid. Here are some pictures from when she was here.
The twins had a rodeo at school last week that was really cute. Here they are before it started with their stick horses.
They did barrel racing and "turtle" roping rather than calf roping since she didn't have a calf. Here is Ali's greatest moments.....

Here are Cody's greatest moments.....

Here they are singing She'll be comin' round the mountain...

It was such a cute program. Thanks Mrs. Karen for organizing this. The kids are so cute and had such a blast!