Sunday, March 15, 2009

Buddy Check..late.

I forgot to post about buddy check 9 this month. I hope everyone remembered to do their self breast exam! Remember to do yours and remind others as well. Love to all!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Confessions of the young mind...

"Mom, I just love Daisy. She is pretty much really neat. I think she really loves me a lot"
"Mom Daisy loves the Jeep, but only when she is only Ali's lap."

I wonder what happened when she wasn't on Ali's lap while I was carting in the groceries....

Story preface...We came home today with some hand-me-downs from my friend Aislinn. Who doesn't love hand-me-downs? Alex and Cody promptly got them all out and tried them all on as soon as we stepped in the door. 10 minuits later Alex found me in th kitchen to declare....
"Aren't these shoes beautiful mom? Can I wear them when I get married with my spotted dress? I would look so pretty!"
Nevermind that they are 2 sizes too big, I guess. Her "spotted" dress she just got out of her hand-me-down stack from Olivia and it is blue with white polka dots. I guess she will be making a new fashion statement at her wedding.
Story preface....So Olivia was obsessed at the beginning of the school year with playing on the monkey bars. She is pretty good at them but was always coming home with those sore hands and blisters on her palms. It looked like it hurt pretty bad, but she never really complained. On Friday we were getting ready for school and I saw her hands had those blisters on them again. I said, "Ouch honey, don't your hands hurt? Are you doing the monkey bars at school again?"
"My friend and I really like doing the monkey bars though mom. I told her it sometimes hurts my hands and she told me to just deal with it, so I just deal with it mom."
Huh? Just deal with it? This is not a phrase she has ever heard from me for sure. I am just picturing this drill sargent friend screaming at her, "Just deal with it you baby...get your butt on those monkey bars and like it. " Ha! I was rolling....just deal with it. I think I will try to tell her that next time she is whining about cleaning her room...we'll see how well she "deals with that."

I took the kids to this children's day they put on in downtown Loveland where they have special things going on at the liberary and museam and then had a street blocked off where they had fire trucks, buses, tractors and garbage trucks the kids could all crawl all over. In the middle of this street they had a face in 1 face painter...1 lady.....100 kids wanting their faces painted. You do the math. The kids wanted to wait in that line to get painted and lost all interest in playing on the trucks. So we waited. and waited. more waiting. An hour and a half later we finally left with painted faces. Here was the spoils of our waiting. I couldn't believe how many kids were interested in this, and were also waiting so long for it. Which gives me a good idea. I think the ladies on my relay team need to take some face painting classes and put this to good work to make some moolah for relay. Whatcha say team?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weekend Update

The highlights from the weekend are exciting!

1. Olivia got off the bus with something missing. We have been waiting and waiting for this blasted tooth to give up already. It has been on the verge of falling out for over a week and just won't let go. I tried to explain there was a nice place in tooth fairy heaven for it but it wouldn't listen to reason. Then when picking up Olivia from the bus stop Friday afternoon she said she accidentally knocked it out of her mouth. Success!

2. Cody and Alex were actually captured getting along instead of fighting...delightful!
3. We bought a puppy! Introducing the newest addition to the Brock tribe.....Daisy.

The fighting took off right from the start on the car ride home with who got to hold the tiny pooch.

It continued right on through the entire weekend with each little one wanting their turn and then when they were told their time was up there was the immediate fit and questions of when it was their turn once again.

Ah, the house just wouldn't be the same without the joyful bliss of the children arguing.

Regardless, we have all enjoyed little miss Daisy immensely. She is a "min pin" (miniature pincher) and probably weighs about 3 pounds. She will be 8 to 10 pounds fully grown. I am in love! (Jon too, although he thinks she looks like a rat)

She is so tiny I was able to give her a bath in my bathroom sink.

She snuggled up between my legs this evening while bathing my monkeys.