Thursday, April 24, 2008

Attention All Pink Power Moms!!

I just got an email from the organizer of the contest I won last year. It is a little different but still a fun thing to enter. If you know of a deserving mom that is also a breast cancer survivor nominate her! If picked they donate $1000 to the breast cancer charity of her choice and they are also giving them a $1000 prize package. Visit the website here to find out more or here for details and prize packages and nominate a pink power mom! The contest is sponsored by Bright Starts and a donation to the Susan G Komen foundation will be made for every nomination so nominate away! The also highlight the 2007 winners, me :-) included, here. Recognize a breast cancer survivor that is also a mom today!

Think Positive!!

Think about the things you do right

My kids got this little sign that says this at their primary activity last Saturday and I thought it was a good thing to remind myself. I am sure there was some great object lesson they were taught along with this but to me it is a great reminder to stop making the negative lists for myself. I am always saying I didn't get this done today, I should have worked more today, I should have done this differently, I should have been more patient with the kids today. I bet we would all do better being more positive with ourselves and making a right list rather than a wrong list.
I have been struggling a bit with the twins preschool situation next year. I wasn't able to get them into a MWF morning class at Community Preschool for next year so was put into a MW afternoon class. The problem with this is that Olivia has early release on W and gets out of school a little after 1pm on Wed and I would be running around crazy Wednesday afternoons and only have one afternoon to myself a week. The twins went to a birthday party yesterday and I met a gal who told me about a preschool she sent her kids to that she just loved. It is called Paddington Preschool and the gal does it out of her home. She has a MWF or a T Th class. I called her for more information this morning and does have a full class next year for MWF but does has some openings on T Th. After visiting with her some I found out that she lives on the street I grew up on 51st Street here in Loveland and her program sounds awesome. We are going to go in and visit her class tomorrow morning and see.
Some exciting news for Relay for Life....My friend Wendy who is signed up on our team lives next door to the gentleman that owns Baskin Robins here in Loveland. He said that he would be willing to do a fundraiser night for our team on a Monday night. I will let everyone know which night we will be doing it so you can all stop in for Ice Cream for family night!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beep Beep There's a Jeep

Cody has learned how to drive the battery powered Jeep. I think it is hysterical! Here is a clip..

We had a fun family night on Friday and took the kids to see Nim's Island. It was a really cute movie and all 3 of the kids sat the whole way through it. It was fun to just go out and have some fun as a family.

I was at physical therapy again yesterday. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Still very sore and have some tight muscles but it is getting better. I just have to stay on top of my stretching. Jon has worked a bunch this week, both days and nights, and it is only Tuesday! I am getting in gear with Relay For Life and our team is up to 5....don't forget to jump on board and join our team or visit our team site and donate to a great cause to benefit American Cancer Society!! (follow the link on the side bar)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Who is Ready to Relay Baby??

Okay I knew that I was going to forget something on my last post. I went to the Relay for Life captain's meeting on Tuesday night. We currently have only 3 people on my team, but I know lots of you have told me you were interested in doing it again. My team name again this year is We Cancer-vive and it will be on June 7th, 2008 starting 2:00 pm until June 8th, 2008 8:00 am. It will be at The Ranch- Larimer County Fairgrounds and Event Complex off I 25 and crossroads Blvd. This year we will be doing our relay (Loveland) simultaneously with the Fort Collins Relay. We aren't joining together but they way it was explained they will have tracks right next to each other. I think this should be really neat to see others I know participating from Fort Collins. I will probably be staying there the whole time and I was told they have RV parking so we will probably bring our trailer to have more comfortable accommodations for over night. We need to go out there and see exactly how it is set up. I think it will work best if your family wants to participate to just sign up one of you, unless you and your spouse want to take be on different shifts for walking. I know there were many of us that brought our families and it was a very fun event for the kids as well. If you are interested in joining the team Click Here. Or if you just would like to donate to our team Click Here to donate online. I think you can also purchase Luminarias that will be set up at the event in honor or in memory of a someone that is close to you that has been diagnosed from the web site. Last year it was really neat to see all the luminarias throughout the night.
I think we will try to do a garage sale again since that raised some money for our team last year and they told us at our meeting on Tuesday that Nick-n-Willy's Pizza is going to help teams raise funds. There are many locations here in Colorado. One in Loveland and one in Fort Collins for our area. They will be charging teams $1 per card and the cards have 10 punches on them good for a free large pizza per punch. We will charge $10 per card so $9 goes back to our team and more importantly RFL. You can't be a deal like a buck for a large pizza. What a generous sponsor of RFL. Please email me at if you would like to purchase one or more of these cards and I will get them to you. Here is a map of locations through out the US if you are a reader of my blog, not from around my area. Also if you are on our team let me know if you would be willing to try and sell the cards and I will get you a handful.
Any other ideas for trying to raise funds would also be appreciated so comment away. They say that doing fundraisers at Relay is also a good way to up the dollars. I know other teams did their own auctions, sold beverages (soda/water), and many other things. Are we interested in doing this at the event this year?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where have I been for a week?

Hmmm....I don't really know where to start, can I remember almost a week ago?!? Sheesh! I did physical therapy last Thursday morning and just did massage since it had only been 2 weeks since surgery. It felt good but made me super sore the next day. I also went back to physical therapy on Monday and did the dry needles again. I was trying to explain to my therepist where the pain was coming from and when it was happening. He kept looking at me funny and then brought out the anatomy pictures trying to explain what I was saying didn't really make sense because of where the nerves ran behind my pectoral muscle and down my arm. Since I had surgery on that muscle there is really no telling where the anatomy in me is. (if that makes sense) Every surgeon is different and who knows what ended up where. So after getting into more of it we decided it was just sharp muscle pain from the back of my arm. He did the dry needles on that muscle. This is where he puts these really thin needles into the muscle, then I hold this metal stick thing in my hand that is attached to something that shocks me through the needle and then the muscle contracts. I was amazed that almost immediately afterwards I was feeling much better. And have continued to be in less pain. Yeah!

The dr. appt on Thursday also went well. I was stressing because the implant on the radiation side wasn't moving as freely as the other one. She had warned me of the importance of moving them around so scar tissue didn't form and tighten around the implant. She said that she was happy with both sides and how they are moving. That was good, but I can tell that they are different as far as tightness from one side to the other, I guess I will never be the same but am very happy with the result. She clipped the sutures out that were left and said see ya in a month! The one crappy part is that I am supposed to continue the displacement exercises moving them around 3 times a day and laying on my tummy twice a day for 30 min for 6 months. I can tell that this is going to be a challenge for me and have already started slacking, ashamed to say. It isn't easy doing that when kids are running all over. I just have to remember that I need to do this in order to heal properly. Still taking my meds on and off and still feeling easily tired. I have to keep reminding myself to slow down and take it easy.

Friday I had my girls night with the gals I met in treatment. These are always great and I will treasure these friendships forever. The women that can relate to me because they have been there. Of course I forgot my camera so I am waiting for copies of the pictures.

Saturday Jon got paint to start on the basement once again. He had a great idea to get a brush for each of the kids and they "helped" daddy for a bit in the afternoon. They had a blast!

Look at this funny video of the kids, needless to say we were in the shower for 30 min trying to get all the paint out of their hair and off of their skin. But they had fun, so that's the important thing, right?

Saturday night Jon and I went over to his good friend Danny's home for dinner. We have not seen his family and it was fun to be able to catch up with Danny and Wendy. She made these awesome steak sandwiches. I need to get the recipe from her to share it.

Sunday I tried going to church with the kids but only got about 1/2 way through before I was exhausted and sore. Jon was at home napping since he starts his work week on Sunday night. It was beautiful here on Sunday so we all went home and daddy spent some time at the park with the kids before we ate dinner.

It was also in the 70s here on Monday and Tuesday which was a really nice preview to spring before it snowed again yesterday. Let's get on with the summer already! I need to move to California I have decided. My sister is always calling and telling me about the nice weather there. I think Colorado should look into that nicer weather. This time of year sucks for me. I have horrible allergies and my throat itches so much I just want to stick my toothbrush down my throat and go to town. They just switched my allergy medication to over the counter which I think is code for ripping everyone off and charging 3 times more. I paid 15 bucks for a 12 day supply. That's more than a dollar a day! That is irritating.

I am trying to remember what else I did this week. Stayed busy with work at home and trying to feel back to normal. I went to Target today to pick up some random things and saw that book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle on sale for $12 so I bought it. I am a faithful follower of Oprah and if you watch her at all I am sure you have hear this title about a million times. Anyway, I am going to read it and see what all the fuss is about. Anyone read this? What'd you think? I guess I will see what all the hype is about. Speaking of TV....The Bachelor is down to the final 4 chicks and next week he does all the "home town" dates where he meets their families. Since the show premiered I was surprised to see there was a girl on there from my home (and current) town, Loveland, CO. It will be fun to see Loveland on national TV on Monday.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Buddy Check 9

Well it is that time again ladies. Time for your monthly self breast exam. Here is a blurb from the buddy check 9 email:

"We ask you to do a breast self exam every month, with the hope that you will notice any change in your breast(s) at the earliest possible stage. Next, we want you to tell someone else about the importance of self exam. Call or e-mail a friend, family member or co-worker and encourage that person to embrace this monthly self check.
Finally, we want to thank all of you for your support to Denver's Race for the Cure. This week, the Komen for the Cure Denver Affiliate will award nearly 3 million dollars in grants to groups/individuals involved in the research, education and awareness efforts around breast cancer. For example mammograms and treatment will be provided to the uninsured and underinsured. Also, financial assistance is given to cancer patients and there is funding for prevention, research and education programs. Of course the goal is simple, to eradicate breast cancer. Thanks to you, this is a realistic and attainable goal. "

Remember early detection saves lives!! I have my first physical therapy appointment since surgery tomorrow and also a follow up with Dr. Brewster. Hopefully both will be good. I think I get to have my sutures removed...that ought to be fun. Hopefully the physical therapist will have some good ideas on improving that nerve pain I am having from the implant pushing funny on my underarm. I am feeling better and better everyday, just dread that 3o min floor time morning and evening. Yuck.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I did my hair today

Ha! That was funny to write, but really I haven't done my hair and make up for awhile. Today was the first time I really ventured out and about. I was asked to be on a committee to help with the fashion show at the Hope Lives! Gala that I was a model in last year. The meeting went well except the Gala will be on Oct 25th which was the week we were thinking about taking the kids to Disneyland. So I am not sure if I will be able to help out. I wanted to finally post some pictures of my hair cut and color.

The style is what I like the most since really it hasn't had much of a style. I just had to post these pictures of my son, Cody. I think it is hysterical that the twins know how to play on the computer. They just look to little to get it. They love playing on and So here is Cody...

Isn't that face so funny?!? Ha!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

General Conference Weekend

This weekend my church held general conference. This is when we have the opportunity to listen to talks and council from the leaders of our church. This is broadcast on BYU tv on both Saturday and Sunday at 10am and 2pm. They also broadcast it via satellite at all our church buildings. It is special because this conference we all had the chance to sustain our new prophet Thomas S. Monson. He is the 16th prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I got an email from my sister of an activity the children could do while listening to the speakers. They are sitting and coloring a bingo activity.
I have been surviving the week with lots and lots of help from my parents and Jon. I am still having pain with my right side and it feels like it is rubbing on a nerve. When I move the implant on the right side or lay on my tummy (which I have to do for 30 min twice a day) I feel that pain going all down my arm and it is very uncomfortable. I am hoping that this isn't permanent and Dr. Brewster can help me with this issue when I see her. I am starting to work again a little bit at a time. With the pain meds I am on it is sometimes difficult to concentrate.
My sister Toni got her hair cut this week. I told her about this Oprah show I saw this week where they did 100 hair cuts and people donated their hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. Hilary Swank let Oprah cut her long ponytail off to kick off the show. This program makes free wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair. So she cut her long hair and donated it. It looks so cute. Check out Toni's blog to see her pictures.
My sister Toni also told me about this site where you can publish your blog into a photo book called Blurb. Check out the site, it looks pretty cool.
On another funny note...Kids say some funny things. I have said to Alex sometimes, "Alex, I am mad at you because......" Well now she has started to say, "Mom, are you happy at me?" when she is taking a status of how I am feeling. Cody has never been able to say chocolate yet and when my dad was over the other day he wanted to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so asked my dad to start it and he was cracking up. He says it as Sh-lock-it. It is pretty funny. I have to write these things down so I don't forget. Olivia has spring break this week so I am going to have to find some things to do with the kids to keep them busy!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Still truckin through Tuesday

So I went in to the Dr yesterday for my 3:30 appointment and she was running super late. I waited to see her until about 5pm but wasn't going anywhere until I got that drain out of me. would have waited until midnight! I wanted to post a picture of what this thing actually looks like to those of you that are lucky enough to have never seen or heard of one. They call them a JP drain, I think after the person who invented them. So here is a picture of it. That whole white part is put under your skin and then the tubing sticks out of the skin and is sutured to the incision. It pulls fluid from swelling. Then when they remove it they just cut the suture and then pull...hard. I have had them for my last 3 surgeries and though the last 2 when I had them pulled I was prepared and knew it hurt, a lot. But when I went in to actually have it done it always hurts more then what I am prepared for. Notice how the white part is a little wider than the tubing. actually pulls your skin apart a bit since it has been healing in your skin around the tubing. Did I mention this stinkin hurts?!? Yeah.... Luckily it is now out and am trying to heal from that today. I also wanted to talk to Dr. Brewster about that right side. The implant is harder to move around then the left side. Because the radiated skin and previous scar tissue the implant isn't moving around as well as she thought it should be. Ultimately we don't want the scar tissue to form all around the implant and form a tight capsule. Since I can't move it far enough with my own strength I have had to have both Jon and my mom help me move them around. Dr. Brewster also now wants me to lay on my tummy for 30 min twice a day. I did it last night and twice today. That is a darn long 30 min when it is painful to do. It forces the implants up towards my throat and keeps the scar tissue from forming and staying up at the top. I honestly think I was much more comfortable Sunday and Monday then I was today. Just doing that laying on my tummy makes me hurt and ache for hours afterwards. I know I am close to the end of the "tunnel", but it is hard. I just want this to be over with already. Hopefully the laying on my tummy will get easier and not harder. So far each time I have done it, it hurts the same. I am also clear to have a shower this evening since my drain site will be healed over with a scab and not considered an "open" wound. Yes....I have bathed and washed my hair (several times) since my surgery but wasn't allowed to get my chest area wet. I am so looking forward to my shower here shortly!!

Today my dad came over and was here helping me out with the kids, the house, and grocery shopping. I am so lucky to have my parents close to help me out so much. Olivia had her class pictures today at school. I braided her hair last night so he had this crimped hair in a pony tail. She looked so cute so I had to take a picture of her before she went to school this morning. She got this dress as a hand me down from my friend Alyssa's daughter, Darian and is always running around the house in it so she was excited to be able to wear it to school today. What a cute smile!! Cody and Alex are now obsessed with playing "games" on the computer now. They need almost constant help with playing so that gets a little frustrating but it is so funny. Here are a few snapshots of them playing.