Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Still truckin through Tuesday

So I went in to the Dr yesterday for my 3:30 appointment and she was running super late. I waited to see her until about 5pm but wasn't going anywhere until I got that drain out of me. would have waited until midnight! I wanted to post a picture of what this thing actually looks like to those of you that are lucky enough to have never seen or heard of one. They call them a JP drain, I think after the person who invented them. So here is a picture of it. That whole white part is put under your skin and then the tubing sticks out of the skin and is sutured to the incision. It pulls fluid from swelling. Then when they remove it they just cut the suture and then pull...hard. I have had them for my last 3 surgeries and though the last 2 when I had them pulled I was prepared and knew it hurt, a lot. But when I went in to actually have it done it always hurts more then what I am prepared for. Notice how the white part is a little wider than the tubing. Yeah....it actually pulls your skin apart a bit since it has been healing in your skin around the tubing. Did I mention this stinkin hurts?!? Yeah.... Luckily it is now out and am trying to heal from that today. I also wanted to talk to Dr. Brewster about that right side. The implant is harder to move around then the left side. Because the radiated skin and previous scar tissue the implant isn't moving around as well as she thought it should be. Ultimately we don't want the scar tissue to form all around the implant and form a tight capsule. Since I can't move it far enough with my own strength I have had to have both Jon and my mom help me move them around. Dr. Brewster also now wants me to lay on my tummy for 30 min twice a day. I did it last night and twice today. That is a darn long 30 min when it is painful to do. It forces the implants up towards my throat and keeps the scar tissue from forming and staying up at the top. I honestly think I was much more comfortable Sunday and Monday then I was today. Just doing that laying on my tummy makes me hurt and ache for hours afterwards. I know I am close to the end of the "tunnel", but it is hard. I just want this to be over with already. Hopefully the laying on my tummy will get easier and not harder. So far each time I have done it, it hurts the same. I am also clear to have a shower this evening since my drain site will be healed over with a scab and not considered an "open" wound. Yes....I have bathed and washed my hair (several times) since my surgery but wasn't allowed to get my chest area wet. I am so looking forward to my shower here shortly!!

Today my dad came over and was here helping me out with the kids, the house, and grocery shopping. I am so lucky to have my parents close to help me out so much. Olivia had her class pictures today at school. I braided her hair last night so he had this crimped hair in a pony tail. She looked so cute so I had to take a picture of her before she went to school this morning. She got this dress as a hand me down from my friend Alyssa's daughter, Darian and is always running around the house in it so she was excited to be able to wear it to school today. What a cute smile!! Cody and Alex are now obsessed with playing "games" on the computer now. They need almost constant help with playing so that gets a little frustrating but it is so funny. Here are a few snapshots of them playing.


The Bluths said...

I know what you mean with the kids being on the computer and still needing help. Ugh Logan now knows how to use the mouse, but sometimes that is scary because he clicks on anything while in You Tube. You don't know what's going to pop up!

Glad you finally got those out of you. I just had the funniest picture in my head of your mom and Jon trying to move them around for you, ha!

Eliza Brock said...

It is pretty funny. Jon really hates doing it......yeah right!

Robyn said...

Oh, sweet Eliza!! I am sorry you have to go through so much junk! You are one brave woman. I love your pics of your kids. Is that your area on the couch behind them?? When I was pregnant with all my kids I pretty much parked it on the couch for months due to sickness. I hope you feel better soon!