Monday, March 31, 2008

Something that makes the Excursion look small??

Olivia and I stayed at my parents again on Saturday night and then they brought us home around 1pm on Sunday. Jon got home at about 4:30 on Sunday morning with the trailer so he was able to get some rest until we got home. It was good to see him, I felt like I hadn't seen him in a week. Jon's parents brought the twins home just a little bit later which was also great. I hadn't seen them since Tuesday night before my surgery. I was surprised that I missed them so much, little stinkers. They are hard work but so cute!

I was also surprised at how big the trailer was. Jon hooked it up behind the excursion today to move it to where we are going to store it and I couldn't believe how little the excursion looked in front of it. Check it out....

We are so excited to be able to use it this summer! I started a load of laundry this morning and thought I better look through all my pockets since Jon left a black marker in his pocket last time I did laundry and guess what I found?? MY RING!!! I was so excited. I know I had looked in those pockets at least 2 other times so it must have been hiding somewhere. I couldn't believe it. What a huge relief that was. After the kids were all home last night they were getting so hyper because they were all so tired and Cody and Olivia were rolling this car back and forth and just hysterically laughing. I had to catch it on tape. If you have trouble veiwing it click here to see it directly on google video.

I am still really sore and taking both my muscle relaxer and pain meds on a regular basis. I got a call from the doctor this morning that she has had a death in the family and won't be able to see me on Thursday so I am going in this afternoon. I HOPE I get to have my drain taken out. It is so uncomfortable. Wish me luck!


Kelly Schelske said...

Hey Eliza, the trailer looks great...big!! You'll have a ton of fun with that this summer!! Hubby and I are looking at getting a new 5th wheel for us, so I'm pretty eccited, love yours though!!

Toni said...
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Toni said...

Wow, those are some tired kids! Glad you found your ring and congrats getting your drain taken out!