Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday March 19th

I am still struggling with the cold and cough. Still congested and coughing. With surgery only a week away I figured I better do everything I could to try and get rid of the sickness. I went out and bought my wheatgrass, carrots, and apples. I started juicing yesterday and hopefully it will help boost my system and get me healthy again soon!
The Bachelor started on Monday and of course is just another show to add to my "sinful love of reality TV". (just like Juanita!) Just thought I would mention it because there was a gal on there that is from Loveland, CO. My home town! I couldn't believe it. Don't know her though, it was fun to see my hometown's name pop up on TV. Well that is really all the excitement going on here. Just praying to be healthy by next Wednesday when I go in for surgery!

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Toni said...

You should really try some Airborne. That always prevents me from getting too sick when I feel like I might be coming down with something. I'm telling you, it's awesome stuff! Call me when you have free time (if that still exists for you.)