Monday, March 24, 2008

Surgery, or no surgery??

Well I have been doing my best to boost the ole' immune system since I do have a bit of a cough still and still getting over my sickness. Taking the Airborne, juicing my carrots, apples and wheat grass. Today I have been feeling a little better with less coughing so I am hoping that my efforts have worked.
We had a great weekend. Jon decided last minute to go out just the 2 of us on Friday night. It was nice. We went out to eat and then to see a movie. We saw The Other Boleyn Girl. It was fair, sad since it was a true story. I am glad I wasn't living in the day it was okay to be somebody's mistress and then discarded with the trash. It was a nice night since we haven't been out on a date just the 2 of us for awhile.

Saturday I got up and went shopping with Cody to Kohls and Target to get the Easter basket stuff and try to find some zip up outfits for surgery stuff. Man I have also been trying to find some jeans that don't have a one inch zipper and super ultra very low. What is up with that honestly. Not that I want them above my belly button but come on now. I even looked in the womens section. Nothing. I did find some some good "shlumpadinka" (Oprah's term for the mom sweat outfit wearers) outfits for surgery. Saturday night we took Jon's parents to a play that our church put on for Easter called Savior of the World. We had lots of people in our stake and the neighboring Greeley stake participate and it was quite the production about the birth and resurrection of the Savior. It was great, lots of hard work went into putting it on and both my sister Heather and brother Ethan were in it. They did great.

The kids had a great time with the Easter bunny on Sunday.
I got the girls their dresses last year at The Children's Place for 3.99. Nice. My mom got the girls these white gloves to wear for Easter aren't they adorable?

Cody was being his usual "pill" self and not wanting to take a picture, but Jon finally got hime in one...

We went to my parents for Easter dinner with my sister Heather's family and my brother Ethan's family, Jon's Parents, and my Grandma Monday. The kids have always called her grandma great but Cody just hasn't been able to quite catch on yet and is still calling her grandma grape. It's pretty cute. Oh and it snowed here on Saturday night. Go away already...

Today I went out to Greeley to transform my hair. My girlfriend Courtnee is going to beauty school there and I wanted it cut and colored and just DIFFERENT already. Stupid girl (me) aren't happy with it aren't happy without it. Oh well. I do like it though it is more light brown. She put 2 different blond highlights in it and then gave me an A line cut. It is short in the back and longer in the front. But still have all those shorter layers throughout it since they haven't grown out. I really like it. I think it will be a nice change to have more of a style instead of waiting in limbo for it to grow out already. I will have Jon take some pictures of it tomorrow since I can't seem to get any good ones of me doing it myself :-)

So I also got a call today from the surgeon that there are some family things going on and she isn't sure she can do my surgery or not. Nothing like waiting around to find out. She will call and let me know tomorrow if it is a go or not. Let's get this over with!!

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Toni said...

Obo's hair is getting so long! And all of their outfits are adorable! "Grandma Grape" is pretty dang cute, if you ask me.