Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Moving Downstairs, finally!!

We had a pretty busy weekend. Jon and I went out and picked up some new furniture for Olivia's new room downstairs. Since we have been married we have only bought one piece of new furniture, the kitchen table. Everything else we have either been given or we bought used, so it was fun picking out some new things. Here is what the twins old room looks like now that it is all cleaned out. (PS we are selling these captain's beds, if you're interested let me know)Alex moved into Olivia's old room upstairs. She got a new dresser and bed. She is super excited about the bed!Cody moved to one of the huge rooms downstairs.I love the closets in these rooms downstairs, so much room for storage. I am still trying to come up with some paint and decorations. I want to do some kind of camping theme, that's why there are the lanterns on top of the dresser and shelves.

Olivia also moved downstairs to the other room.She also has a big closet, so lots of room for storage.So here is the hallway and the bathroom door, we still have to put in the cabinets and glass for the shower so it isn't quite done yet.Here is the family room. That pole in the middle was the only one we couldn't hide in a wall. A little awkward but it works out okay I guess.

Here is the family room from the other side. We are also going to put cabinets along the back wall for a built in desk area for the computer stuff.

We are so happy to have the extra room to spread out. I love it. Things are almost back to normal. I was supposed to go back to work yesterday but we woke up to it being minus 15 outside and my diesel car doesn't really operate at that temperature so I was without transportation. I am feeling better every day and start physical therapy this afternoon. Hopefully my car will work today since it is above zero. It is a warm 12 degrees outside.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The drain is out....yee-haw!

First and foremost I missed buddy check 9 day, so even though it isn't the 9th here is the monthly reminder to do your self breast exam. Don't let the busy holiday season keep you from taking those few minutes to do your check.
I have really enjoyed our basement being finished this week. I have spent more time down there this week on the comfy couch in front of a big TV than anywhere else. My parents have been an awesome help this week. My dad took the week off and had the twins or was here helping me with the twins everyday this week. What a blessing it is to have them close and be so helpful. Jon is still working days so that has also been great having him here at night to help out and to snuggle with in bed to keep my ice cold feet warm. :-) He is a great heater!
I had my MRI and blood work done yesterday. Turns out they didn't have my name on the schedule to do my MRI due to some oversight so I had to go back to my parents house after my blood draw to wait for my MRI time. My brother Mason ended up taking me to my appointment so my dad could pick up the twins from school. He even held my hand while they started the IV and took me to lunch afterwards. When he brought me home he came downstairs to see the basement and ended up staying and watching a movie with me. It was fun just hanging out with him since we don't hang very often. I can now officially say I am SO OVER getting poked with all the things I had going on the last week.
Today my mom came with me to Dr. Brewster's to get my drain pulled out. I have to say even after having to endure 5 drains over all my surgeries, the 6th one proves that you never get used to something like that. I go in knowing that it is going to hurt and hurt bad getting it yanked out but am still surprised by how much it actually does hurt. I cried. Then made my mom cry. Thank goodness that is over. I am so relieved to have that stupid, disgusting thing out! She also moved my implant all around to try and keep that pocket from scarring like it did before. I thought I was pushing it around pretty well but realized I wasn't pushing them hard enough when she showed me again where they should be going. Hopefully I can do it correctly and not have the same problem again this time. I sure don't want to have to do this again.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Still Alive.

Well I made it through. My surgeon was ahead of schedule so when we checked in there was almost no waiting around which was nice to just get it over with. I woke up with out any side effects from anesthesia and feeling pretty good. Of course my mom and Jon were able to enjoy the stupid things that come out of your mouth for the first few hours of being on narcotics. Good times! I stayed Wednesday night in the surgery center and came home on Thursday afternoon. I have spent most of the last few days downstairs on our comfortable new sofa in front of the TV. It's been nice and relaxing. Other than the stupid, dumb surgical drain I have sticking out of me there isn't too much pain. I don't think I get it out until Thursday at my post op appointment. Drag. Hopefully the next few days go by quickly and I can put this behind me. Still have to do the displacement exercises where I move the implant around to keep the "capsule" open and the scar tissue from forming. I don't have to do the laying on the floor thing like I did last time though, so that is a plus.
So far everything looks great and more proportional. The scar tissue is all broken up and feels more like the other side. This week I have to go in for my 6 month blood tests and brain MRI on Wednesday. Hopefully that all goes well and I can't wait to get that over with.
Since Jon has been working days rather than nights the last few weeks he has done the bed time routine with the kids. They all read together and the kids love it. Here they are this evening. What a good daddy!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

surgery day....already.

Well tomorrow is the day. Feeling a little bit of mixed emotions. Finally it is here, but shoot. I want to get it over with but don't want to deal with it.
Our thanksgiving was good. My parents were out of town so my sister Heather and I got our families together to celebrate. Jon's parents also joined us for the meal. Even though there were 12 of us, it seemed small compared to our normal crowd. I cooked a turkey for the first time and it turned out to be pretty easy. I missed having my parents there even though I get to see them a lot because they are close to us. I got a small taste of what my out of town sisters miss out on not being here. (losers, you two should move home) Jon also got the nasty cold that has been going around our house. Hopefully it doesn't last as long for him as it has for me.
On Friday Jon and I took the kids and did some Christmas shopping. Since the basement is close to being done Jon got his Christmas present early and we bought the furniture and TV for the family room.
Sunday was my anniversary. Jon and I have been married for 7 years, amazing. I can't believe that we have been through all we have in the last 7 years. I am so lucky to be married to my best friend and can't imagine life without him. He does such a great job taking care of me and the kids. I love you babe.
Today the city inspector came to check out the basement. We were given the go ahead to use the 2 bedrooms and the family room. I have some of the kids stuff down here already but am really looking forward to now having the extra room to spread out. AWESOME!!! 2 years later we can finally use it!!! Jon has done an amazing job, with the help of lots of friends of course!
I am still coughing and developed a pain in my back around my rib cage that got worse over the weekend. Yesterday I went to the doctor since it was getting so bad I couldn't breathe without it hurting much the less cough....ouch. Thank goodness the chest x ray came back that it was not phenomena. The doc thinks I pulled a ligament or something. Ouch, whatever it is. He gave me some Tylenol with codeine but they don't seem to be helping a ton. I am really nervous for tomorrow. I would think that this would be easier the more "experience" you have but I am just as nervous as I was the first time I had surgery. I didn't really sleep much last night and have a feeling it will be the same tonight.
Olivia had her Christmas concert tonight. Those kids are so stinkin cute. I will upload pictures soon. I am sure I will have plenty of time sitting around over the next week. Off to try and sleep, hopefully I will be successful.