Thursday, December 11, 2008

The drain is out....yee-haw!

First and foremost I missed buddy check 9 day, so even though it isn't the 9th here is the monthly reminder to do your self breast exam. Don't let the busy holiday season keep you from taking those few minutes to do your check.
I have really enjoyed our basement being finished this week. I have spent more time down there this week on the comfy couch in front of a big TV than anywhere else. My parents have been an awesome help this week. My dad took the week off and had the twins or was here helping me with the twins everyday this week. What a blessing it is to have them close and be so helpful. Jon is still working days so that has also been great having him here at night to help out and to snuggle with in bed to keep my ice cold feet warm. :-) He is a great heater!
I had my MRI and blood work done yesterday. Turns out they didn't have my name on the schedule to do my MRI due to some oversight so I had to go back to my parents house after my blood draw to wait for my MRI time. My brother Mason ended up taking me to my appointment so my dad could pick up the twins from school. He even held my hand while they started the IV and took me to lunch afterwards. When he brought me home he came downstairs to see the basement and ended up staying and watching a movie with me. It was fun just hanging out with him since we don't hang very often. I can now officially say I am SO OVER getting poked with all the things I had going on the last week.
Today my mom came with me to Dr. Brewster's to get my drain pulled out. I have to say even after having to endure 5 drains over all my surgeries, the 6th one proves that you never get used to something like that. I go in knowing that it is going to hurt and hurt bad getting it yanked out but am still surprised by how much it actually does hurt. I cried. Then made my mom cry. Thank goodness that is over. I am so relieved to have that stupid, disgusting thing out! She also moved my implant all around to try and keep that pocket from scarring like it did before. I thought I was pushing it around pretty well but realized I wasn't pushing them hard enough when she showed me again where they should be going. Hopefully I can do it correctly and not have the same problem again this time. I sure don't want to have to do this again.

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Toni said...

Wow, don't read my last blog entry. My problems are nothing compared to yours. Not that yours are problems... you know what I mean. Love you and I'm glad the drain is out! I started tearing up during that last paragraph.