Monday, January 28, 2008

My kids crack me up!

So I thought I would share some funny videos of the kids from recently. You can watch them here by hitting the play button or click the google link at the bottom of the video and watch them full screen.

This one is from dinner time last week of the twins....

This one is of Alex singing along and dancing with this barbie that Olivia got for Christmas. It just cracks me up!

My kids make me laugh!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sad News for my Church

My mom just called to tell me that my sister in Salt Lake just heard that the prophet of our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, just passed away. Gordon B Hinckley was the 15th prophet in the 177 year history of the church and was 97 years old and has done an enormous amount for our church during his time as prophet since March of 1995. He has built and dedicated more temples in his time as our prophet then any other prophet of our church. The Family a Proclamation to the World also came out from the first presidency and so did The Living Christ: A Testimony of the Apostles during his time as prophet. We had our ward conference today where our stake presidency came to our ward meeting today and I was just thinking how neat it is that they actually ask for a sustaining vote from the members to sustain all of our church leaders starting with the Prophet of the Church, Gordon B Hinckley all the way down to our ward bishopric. They do this in every ward world wide so members all around the world have the opportunity to sustain the leaders of our church. It is such a comforting thought that all around the world our church is the same. I wanted to quick bear my testimony to all of you that do read my blog that I knew this man to be a true prophet, seer, and revelator and can't imagine my life without the gospel of this church. I know that my Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers and that without the knowledge I have of the plan of salvation my life would feel incomplete.
On another note, I am still sore. Still not sleeping all that great and still on my pain meds at night time. To boot I started having these sharp shooting pains on the left side of my left expander. Good times! It has been a busy week with Jon being gone again. He actually worked in this small northern WY town, Lovell. When he told me that is where he was headed from the Billings office I just laughed. It is a town of about 3000 and both my grandma and grandpa grew up there. They were high school sweethearts. It was cold there all week for Jon. I don't think it got about about 5 degrees all week, even during the day. On Monday when they got there it was 27 below zero. Yikes, that is artic weather. I was here again with the kids and felt like I didn't do much more than work and watch and clean up the kids.
Friday night I went to my girls night with the ladies I went through treatment with and that was fun to be able to catch up with them. The shooting pains I have started on Thrusday and I didn't go in to get filled this week. The gals on Friday that have had the expanders just said oh, get used to that. Great. Now I am regretting that I didn't go in to get filled and just suffered through it rather than dealing with this an extra week. Especially since I am still really sore. I also went in for a follow up with my radiation doctor, Dr. Lisella. She said that everything was looking great still but she wanted me to go to Physical Therapy. I have tight muscles on the radiated side still and don't have a full range of motion. That is something I need to look into this week and see about getting to PT.
Saturday Jon and I went out to celebrate his birthday with our friends Courtnee and Seth. We went out to eat and had a great time visiting and just enjoying seeing each other since Jon has been out of town working the last 2 weeks. I am hoping that the shooting pains from the expanders doesn't keep getting worse as the week goes on before I go in again next Thursday.
Jon spent some of his evening putting some things on Craigs List that we are trying to sell...his jeep, our ATV, and a tilt trailer. If you know anyone who might be interested in these PLEASE pass them on! I would love to get rid of these things.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sore and double sore

Well I am glad to say that I made it three weeks in a row without and extreme amount of discomfort until this round. I have been extremely sore this last time around. I haven't had a good night sleep since Thursday after my fill and have just been uncomfortable. The last few times I have been pretty uncomfortable at night but usually OK during the day. This time I have stayed sore and uncomfortable day and night and taking my pain pills on a consistent basis. At my appointment on Thursday Dr Brewster said that I was about the same size on my left side as I was before surgery and could be done if I was satisfied with the size on that side or could keep expanding for about another month an be a medium size B. Hey, if I have made it this far it is worth it to be a little bigger then I was before and get what I want, right? So I am going to keep expanding although it was temping when she asked if I was ready to schedule surgery in 4 or 5 weeks. So I guess once the expanding is done I only have to wait a month or so to have the final surgery to get my implants placed. I am thinking at this point on Sunday evening I am going to probably skip expanding this week and give my body a break since I am still so sore. I have been using my heating pad on my chest the last 2 days in hopes of it helping more but I am not sure it is doing anything.
I ended up doing the frozen meals preparation at my friend Michelle's house on Friday morning with Alyssa, Michelle, and Melanie. We did 14 meals and hopefully it will be a big help with meal planning in the next few weeks. Jon didn't get home from his training until 2am on Saturday morning and now is going to be driving up to Billings MT to work this week. I am glad he has at least been here the last 2 days to help me with the kids and being so sore. Hopefully I will start sleeping better tonight and not being as sore tomorrow.
Yesterday Jon and I took the kids to Bounce (an indoor bounce house) with Heath and Alyssa and their family and then went out to eat at Costa Vida. It is an awesome Mexican restaurant that just opened and is similar to Qudoba. They have the best sweet pork....yummy! The kids always have such a great time at Bounce, but we don't go very often because it is kinda pricey. It was fun to spend some time together while he was here in town.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dang cold, cold medicine, and prostate cancer

It was cold here today. cold. Dang cold. The HIGH was 15 plus it was windy. I hate it when it is that cold.
The kids and I spent the majority of our day at my friend Aislinn's new home. They just bought a new house and I was helping her unpack as the kids had fun running around and playing in her basement. We took a few car loads of stuff over there but it was just painful being outside when it is that cold. I was looking at pictures of her wedding and honeymoon which was in the summer and in Hawaii. Man I wish I was in Hawaii today.....or ever. Ha! I am watching the 10:00 news and the thermometer says 5. Crazy!
So speaking of the news I was going to share some interesting things I heard. First, the FDA has come out saying that cold and cough medicines should NEVER be used in infants and children under the age of 2 due to possible deadly side effects. Plus....saying that cold and cough medicines for children are a total hoax. Don't work, never have. Pretty interesting information. I give all my kids cough medicine when they up at night coughing and I thought they worked...
Second they now think they have discovered a gene sequence that dramatically raises the risk for prostate cancer that would predict who would get prostate cancer decades before hand. Modern medicine seriously amazes me. Click here to see that news report.
I have thought a ton about my treatment process today...My sister Toni called me this morning and told me to turn on GMA. Robyn Roberts celebrated her last day of chemo and they did a whole piece on her treatment process. The whole experience is too fresh in my mind to watch and not just bawl while I see someone else having to endure what I myself had to go through. The bald head, the emotions, getting her port tapped and in her words "my favorite part", just everything. She has a few segments that she talks about and on one of the diary segments she said she did her photo shoot with people magazine after her mother told her to make her mess, her message. What good advice. I hope I have been able to do that as well through my experience and my blog. I am still crying just writing about it and re watching all the news segments. Man that sucked! So that started my day off and then at Aislinn's house her daughter Isabella showed me her new blanket that was pink and had hearts and breast cancer ribbons on it. Aislinn told me they took the kids to the store on Christmas eve to do a tradition and make them new blankets. Isabella had picked out princess material and then saw this fabric and put her princess stuff back and said to her mom that she wanted the breast cancer ribbon fabric because it supports Eliza. How stinkin' sweet. Of course I started crying. I am such a baby.
I go in for a "fill up" tomorrow morning again. Honestly I am not feeling any more sore than I did last Wednesday so that is good. I thought I would be worse off this week than last. I am happy to be on the same "sore scale". We will see what tomorrow brings and how I am doing tomorrow night.
I finally called Directv again today since I am fed up with the receiver being poo. They will come out on Friday and service it and it will only cost a service contract for a year at 5.99 a month. Oh well, better than $299 for the new receiver. I figured we can re evaluate the cost of the HD stuff next year and possibly switch cable companies if someone else is cheaper rather then enter into a new 2 year contract as well by updating our equipment. Cable and phone companies and there dumb contracts. Oh well at least my tv will be working properly again, and just in time to start the new season of Lost on Jan 31st. Addicted.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Jan 15th

I have been surviving with the kids the last few days. It has been a relief to not be taking the dog out and worrying about him as well. I went to Denver yesterday with my girlfriend Alyssa to check out a sale that the Children's Place was having only at the outlet. We had a few good deals and had fun just hanging out. I have also gotten a lot of work done in the evenings and yesterday afternoon. I got an email on Sunday from a gal I had met through my twins club, Debbie. She is in another multiples club here in Colorado for triplet moms called STORM, super twins of the rocky mountains. A fellow member of STORM that I had gotten to know through helping with our state convention a few years ago, Kim Nelson tragically lost her husband in an automobile accident recently. She has triplets that are 5 and a daughter that is 2. Debbie is hostessing a Silpada jewelry party this Friday and 100% of the proceeds are going towards Kim's family. This jewelry is great quality and they have very stylish and cute things. The Silpada consultant's name is Karen and if you would like to order something to benefit Kim and her children please visit Karen's site at Then call or e-mail your order to Karen at (303)384-3552 or Silpada has a lifetime warranty on all of their jewelry and any item you aren't absolutely thrilled with can be returned or exchanged for 60 days. Make sure you tell Karen you are ordering jewelry to benefit Kim Nelson. Thanks guys!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Heath's 40th Bday

So I finally got the video from my friend Alyssa of our "performance" for her husband's 40th Bday. Alyssa made up words that went with the Friends Theme song, The Fireman by George Strait, and YMCA that were about Heath and then we did a little song and dance to them. I uploaded it to google and now have it for your viewing pleasure. Beware, it is like 7 and a half min, but hysterical! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause or stop the music before you start this.....

If it doesn't work on my blog go here and see it on the google video page

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Jan 13th

In a better mood then my last post, although my computer is still not functioning properly. Piece! Both today and Friday were busy days. Yesterday I went over to my girlfriend Michelle's to talk about frozen meals. She takes a day and prepares 14 meals and freezes them so when she wants to cook them the preparation time is only as long as it takes to cook. We are going to put them all together sometime this week and hopefully they will be a big hit with my family since it sounds so easy. I am the worst about planning ahead to make dinner. Friday morning I also found out that Old Navy is doing there huge 75% off sale through Sunday. They never advertise in advance for the sale so it is always the luck of the draw finding out. They have a ton of clothes for 2 to 5 dollars so I always stock up on stuff for the kids for there next size. I spend a good part of the afternoon at the Fort Collins store with my friend Alyssa and then went home and tried a bunch of the things on I bought for myself and ended up not liking a lot of it. Alyssa and I returned our stuff later in the afternoon to the Loveland store and purchased some more things there. A bit of a shopping addict when it comes to finding these sales. I live for this Old Navy sale and the Children's Place monster 3.99 sale. We stopped and bought Pizza Hut on the way home and came back to my house. Jon was working on drywall in the basement yesterday and I am just amazed how long it actually takes to hang drywall. He has spent so much time down there but it is coming along. I would say it is about 1/2 way done. I suppose it is a good time that the steps are taking awhile since we don't have the money to fork over to finish it all at once. I can't wait for it to be finished.
Today we went to the big RV show in Denver at the convention center. So I decided to wear a bra today for some odd reason...well I was wearing a white T shirt so I thought I better.......and I have to say wearing white shirts or anything that is even the least bit form fitting it O-U-T! The convention center is huge and there was only a bathroom on one side of the showroom and I have to say after walking around for a few hours my chest was hurting SO BAD! We did find the travel trailer that we would eventually love to purchase. It has 4 bunks in the back, perfect for the kids and has a slide out on the side so it is nice and roomy and the dinette area has a bench that goes all the way around it so there is more room to sit at the table too. It is a 2008 Keystone Splinter 299BHS. It is new this year and could sleep up to 10 so we could take some of our homies with us when we go camping. In our dream life this is the trailer we would love to own. After we got back in the car we stopped to get lunch at Chili's and I took one of my pain pills hoping to relieve all the discomfort I was having. After we got done eating I felt all whoosie and light headed. But it was helping with the pain. We got back in the car and I felt like I was on the verge of throwing up the entire way home. I rendered myself useless the rest of the evening. I am pretty sure it was way worse from wearing the bra today and don't think I would be this sore otherwise. I hope that things will be better tomorrow. Jon is leaving tomorrow to go to training in CA until next Friday and not really looking forward to that. We also found a great home for Bailey, our dog. My friend from work Stacey is taking him and she has a bunch of property so I think he will be much happier there then spending his time hanging out in a crate. Olivia is more then mad at us and I feel like a jerk but it will be better for him and us. It is going to be a long week without Jon here, hopefully I am not so sore tomorrow!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rock Hard Bod Baby!

So after today the term rock hard body brings on a whole new meaning. Yikes! I thought I was rock hard to begin with and I can't even put into words how my chest feels. It is seriously crazy how hard my chest is. I haven't had the painful muscle twitches yet today so no muscle relaxer turning my day into a fog. I have taken my pain med twice today and am really sore in my chest, under my arms, and in my back. After I was expanded this morning and put my arms down I can actually feel my expanders and chest on the inside of my arms. I wonder if this is how larger breasted women feel all the time?? If so, new feeling for me. Although it is now just leaving me trying to not relax my arms at my side since it is so sore and sensitive. I haven't worn a bra now in over a month since there is no way these are moving anywhere and wearing a sports bra is just plain painful since it pulls the expanders together and hurts my sternum area. I found out last week that Dr. Brewster ended up putting the aloderm in on both sides to reinforce my skin on both sides. I found this pimple looking bump on the left side (non cancer side) and was unsure what it was. After asking Dr. Brewster about it she said it was a suture under my skin and had explained that it was sewn in on both sides. Dr. Brewster also told me the expander on the left side had rotated so it looks crooked. It won't be bad for anything long term but it does look funny that one side looks more tear dropped shaped since the expander is sitting a different direction. She said she could try to manipulate it to move it straight again but it is painful and will probably move again. Yeah, no thanks. I used my Emla cream today around the area where she put the injection last time and it worked fine. The actual injection was pain free but still felt the pressure and it was a little disturbing to still see this giant syringe attached to a huge needle out of the corner of my eye. Lots of pressure....Did I mention the pressure. Intense. Now sitting here this evening I still wouldn't say it is really painful just very sore and hurts to breathe really deeply. So no explanation for the unpleasant taste in my mouth. Dr. Brewster said that neither of the meds I am on have that as a common side effect but everyone is different. I swear I got a bad taste as soon as she started injecting the saline on my right side.....maybe it is seeping into my system?? Okay, not really worried about that. My mom said maybe just an adrenaline rush or something. Dr. Brewster just said it could just be your "little" body responding to everything that is going on. What I have found out is that it is for sure a disadvantage to have a "little" body while going through this experience. I have been super limited on things due to my "little" body. I would like to exchange this "little" body in for a new model!! Okay since there is really no chance of that happening, darn it! I am seriously un motivated to do anything today either. I don't feel like I can't move or get off the couch but notice that I feel super drained on top of the soreness. I am sure it is just "my body responding" but I have a hard time slowing down.
On another note, I couldn't be more upset with my computer. For some reason yesterday I was unable to open up my email program Outlook and still cannot access it. I can check my email online through hotmail but can't open up my program to get to my calender and contact information where I store every ones email addresses. Perfect! So I spend all this money on a new computer and am having problems with it left and right. It is so frustrating. It is sad to say that I rely on my computer so much that I don't even want to give it up for 24 hours for someone to take a look at it. Why can't things just work properly?? Is that so much to ask? Speaking of which our Directv receiver DVR has been not working right either for over a month. That one is just annoying as well because they want to charge us 100 bones for someone to come out and look at it, when technically the receiver isn't even ours. We lease it. Jon thought well we could just upgrade to the HD DVR receiver and be done with the tune of 200 bones. You can't win with these people. Why do I feel like everyone is ripping me off? Cable isn't working computer isn't working.......I hate technology today! Okay I am off to bed now and hopefully my night won't totally suck and I can get some sleep.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Buddy Check 9

Hey ladies! It is Buddy Check 9 day so every one take time today or tomorrow and do your monthly self breast exams. I have been staying busy this week with work and the kids. Sunday we went to a big meeting for church and they told us that they are organizing a new ward in our area and will be re drawing the ward boundaries. For those that aren't familiar a ward is the group of people that are assigned to attend church at the same time and have all their activities together. It is exciting that the church is growing in this area but hard to lose some neat people from our ward family. My parents did get to stay in the same ward as us so I am grateful for that. They help us out a lot.
I noticed after a few days of taking my medications I had this really unpleasant taste in my month all the time unless I was eating. It was bad enough to stop taking all my pain meds and muscle relaxers and go back to Tylenol and just suffer through the nights. I am doing pretty good during the day, it is just the nights that are still uncomfortable. When I am trying to lay on my side and it puts pressure on my breast area. My computer has decided to not open my email program today so I have been dealing with that headache all afternoon trying to figure it out...still don't know what is going on. What a pain! I am glad that school is back in session and Olivia is entertained and occupied through the morning hours again. Jon has stayed in the Denver-ish area all week so he has been home at night which is nice. I go in again tomorrow for another fill. Hopefully Dr. Brewster will be able to shed some light on the nasty taste issue with what med is causing that since I know I will need them both again come the afternoon. Hopefully things won't get worse then they were last week, just at a moderately uncomfortable but not quite at painful. I can definitely see they are oddly shaped and am already looking forward to surgery again to get the implants in. Dr Brewster says that during the fill process the expanders are both folded up to fit inside the area they had to work with and will slowly unfold until they are are undone and circular. They both now look like semi circles. Good thing we don't walk around like indigenous people with no shirts on...Ha! I told my family these better be the best looking "little" breasts ever when I am done for what I've gone through for them.......We shall see......

Friday, January 04, 2008

Technotronic - Move this

Time for some music that is a little more upbeat and fun. I also ran across this video today on you tube...WOW is all I can say. I think this is so funny but at the same time you can't help but want to get up and groove. I'm dying! Not so much up to "shake that body" but my kids were when they heard this song. I think it is their new favorite song! The 90s called and wanted me to send them their music back.....Good times!!

Alyssa and Heath are adopting....

Hi everyone! I wanted to quick put in a plug for my friend Alyssa. After having twins my girlfriend found out that she wasn't able to carry a baby again due to her heart condition. Heath and Alyssa have 2 daughters from his first marraige and are interested in adopting. They have gone through all the approval processes with LDS family services and now have their profile up on the LDS family services site. Please take time to look at their profile and remember them if you know of an expecting mother thinking of adoption. The LDS family services site is and their profile name is heathandalyssa. Click here to go to their page and I will keep their link up on my links list.

Friday Jan 4th

Thank goodness the night is over. My meds all worked pretty well but I was still tossing and turning from being uncomfortable all night. The days when I am up and about are much better and can barely notice the uncomfort. It is the sleeping on the side and then going to your back, then back to the side with the body pillow hoping that by putting my arm on top of the pillow it isn't squeezing my chest from falling across my body. We have the long, blue body pillow that is the shape of a cylinder that somewhere along the line got the nick name Old Blue. Ha! I used to sleep with it all the time while I was pregnant and now has become something I can't sleep without after all my surgeries again. Thank goodness for Old Blue.

My sister was over with the kids the other day some of them played dress up. It was so funny.

I also found out that my digital camera records video as well. I tried it out while they were here the other day. Her is a quick 30 second clip of my sister Amy, my niece Brooke, and my son Cody. Brooke wasn't feeling well and I don't know what I was thinking turning the camera sideways...rookie! Make sure you go down to the bottom of the page and pause the other song at the bottom to hear audio.

We are now trying to find our dog a different home. I admit we didn't think it through well enough. He is a cute pooch but ends up being in his kennel a lot of the time because we don't have a fenced yard. In my mind it was to be Jon's thing but with him being gone working either long days or out of town it falls on me to take care of him. He honestly does really well with the kids and is house trained, it is just more then I can handle right now with everything else going on and not having the flexibility for him to be in a yard. He is still a puppy and I think he is about 16 to 18 weeks old. We are hoping to get a couple hundred for him so if you know anyone that is interested please let me know. He is a golden doodle (golden retriever, poodle mix) and we want to make sure we find him a good home. Here is a few recent photos.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Time to Expand

It's been a pretty uneventful week for us. The kids and I are all getting through colds, coughs, and sore throats. My sister Amy who is here has had a flu bug take over her whole family the last couple days which sucks.
For new years we had a few friends over to hang out and play games which was fun and I was able to go out to eat with my mom and sisters on Monday which was fun. We went to this Mexican place in the new Centerra shopping center called Costa Vida. It is similar to Qdoba and really good. They have really yummy sweet pork and I have heard it is by the same owners as Cafe Rio in Utah which is also really good.
Yesterday I had a bloody nose that lasted a good hour and a half and almost 2. I have been taking Aleve at night since it seems to be the only thing that helps. Bloody noses are pretty common for me especially during the dry winter but this was something else. Kinda scary. I did finally get it to stop but it consumed my whole afternoon.
Today I was back to Dr. Brewster and did my first expansion. I was super nervous to go and do it because I remembered how painful it was to take the fluid off the expander when I was in a ton of pain in the hospital. They take this instrument that looks like a stud finder with a magnet in it and the expander also has a magnet on the port for the expander. Then she sticks this needle in with a monster tube on the end that holds all the saline. Lucky for me it wasn't bad at all to have done. I am still pretty numb from surgery in that whole area. She filled an ounce or 30 cc's on both sides. My mom was nice enough to come with me to share in the fun. Dr. Brewster said no more asprin or Aleve if I am having bloody noses so back to the Flexaril (muscle relaxer) and she gave me darvocet. Right after the appointment I was thinking wow that really wasn't bad and I am not even sore......Yeah right, spoke way to soon. I had to go to a work meeting right after the appointment and right in the middle of the meeting my muscles starting spasming. Woah, this was nothing I experienced after my surgery. It felt like a muscle twitch that took over my whole chest. I came home and took a muscle relaxer and was lucky enough to nap on and off for the afternoon while the twins were napping and Olivia was watching a movie. That stuff knocks me out, but did help. It's a very weird feeling to have the spasms and painful. Hopefully that will not be going on constantly and only the first day or two after expanding. I am pretty sore this evening and will try the darvocet tonight and hopefully that will take the edge off. Sore, sore, sore. My dad came over this evening to help out with the kids while Jon is taking his hunter's safety class. He said it was boring tonight, but I think he is excited to be taking it and possibly going hunting sometime. I am really lucky to have my parents close to help out so much. (I am sure they love "helping" out so much) I love it though. They are the best parents ever and I know they would do anything I asked them too. The schedule is to try and expand one once each week so I will be back there again next Thursday. Ok, I am off to bed....catch ya on the flip side.