Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Jan 13th

In a better mood then my last post, although my computer is still not functioning properly. Piece! Both today and Friday were busy days. Yesterday I went over to my girlfriend Michelle's to talk about frozen meals. She takes a day and prepares 14 meals and freezes them so when she wants to cook them the preparation time is only as long as it takes to cook. We are going to put them all together sometime this week and hopefully they will be a big hit with my family since it sounds so easy. I am the worst about planning ahead to make dinner. Friday morning I also found out that Old Navy is doing there huge 75% off sale through Sunday. They never advertise in advance for the sale so it is always the luck of the draw finding out. They have a ton of clothes for 2 to 5 dollars so I always stock up on stuff for the kids for there next size. I spend a good part of the afternoon at the Fort Collins store with my friend Alyssa and then went home and tried a bunch of the things on I bought for myself and ended up not liking a lot of it. Alyssa and I returned our stuff later in the afternoon to the Loveland store and purchased some more things there. A bit of a shopping addict when it comes to finding these sales. I live for this Old Navy sale and the Children's Place monster 3.99 sale. We stopped and bought Pizza Hut on the way home and came back to my house. Jon was working on drywall in the basement yesterday and I am just amazed how long it actually takes to hang drywall. He has spent so much time down there but it is coming along. I would say it is about 1/2 way done. I suppose it is a good time that the steps are taking awhile since we don't have the money to fork over to finish it all at once. I can't wait for it to be finished.
Today we went to the big RV show in Denver at the convention center. So I decided to wear a bra today for some odd reason...well I was wearing a white T shirt so I thought I better.......and I have to say wearing white shirts or anything that is even the least bit form fitting it O-U-T! The convention center is huge and there was only a bathroom on one side of the showroom and I have to say after walking around for a few hours my chest was hurting SO BAD! We did find the travel trailer that we would eventually love to purchase. It has 4 bunks in the back, perfect for the kids and has a slide out on the side so it is nice and roomy and the dinette area has a bench that goes all the way around it so there is more room to sit at the table too. It is a 2008 Keystone Splinter 299BHS. It is new this year and could sleep up to 10 so we could take some of our homies with us when we go camping. In our dream life this is the trailer we would love to own. After we got back in the car we stopped to get lunch at Chili's and I took one of my pain pills hoping to relieve all the discomfort I was having. After we got done eating I felt all whoosie and light headed. But it was helping with the pain. We got back in the car and I felt like I was on the verge of throwing up the entire way home. I rendered myself useless the rest of the evening. I am pretty sure it was way worse from wearing the bra today and don't think I would be this sore otherwise. I hope that things will be better tomorrow. Jon is leaving tomorrow to go to training in CA until next Friday and not really looking forward to that. We also found a great home for Bailey, our dog. My friend from work Stacey is taking him and she has a bunch of property so I think he will be much happier there then spending his time hanging out in a crate. Olivia is more then mad at us and I feel like a jerk but it will be better for him and us. It is going to be a long week without Jon here, hopefully I am not so sore tomorrow!

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