Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sad News for my Church

My mom just called to tell me that my sister in Salt Lake just heard that the prophet of our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, just passed away. Gordon B Hinckley was the 15th prophet in the 177 year history of the church and was 97 years old and has done an enormous amount for our church during his time as prophet since March of 1995. He has built and dedicated more temples in his time as our prophet then any other prophet of our church. The Family a Proclamation to the World also came out from the first presidency and so did The Living Christ: A Testimony of the Apostles during his time as prophet. We had our ward conference today where our stake presidency came to our ward meeting today and I was just thinking how neat it is that they actually ask for a sustaining vote from the members to sustain all of our church leaders starting with the Prophet of the Church, Gordon B Hinckley all the way down to our ward bishopric. They do this in every ward world wide so members all around the world have the opportunity to sustain the leaders of our church. It is such a comforting thought that all around the world our church is the same. I wanted to quick bear my testimony to all of you that do read my blog that I knew this man to be a true prophet, seer, and revelator and can't imagine my life without the gospel of this church. I know that my Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers and that without the knowledge I have of the plan of salvation my life would feel incomplete.
On another note, I am still sore. Still not sleeping all that great and still on my pain meds at night time. To boot I started having these sharp shooting pains on the left side of my left expander. Good times! It has been a busy week with Jon being gone again. He actually worked in this small northern WY town, Lovell. When he told me that is where he was headed from the Billings office I just laughed. It is a town of about 3000 and both my grandma and grandpa grew up there. They were high school sweethearts. It was cold there all week for Jon. I don't think it got about about 5 degrees all week, even during the day. On Monday when they got there it was 27 below zero. Yikes, that is artic weather. I was here again with the kids and felt like I didn't do much more than work and watch and clean up the kids.
Friday night I went to my girls night with the ladies I went through treatment with and that was fun to be able to catch up with them. The shooting pains I have started on Thrusday and I didn't go in to get filled this week. The gals on Friday that have had the expanders just said oh, get used to that. Great. Now I am regretting that I didn't go in to get filled and just suffered through it rather than dealing with this an extra week. Especially since I am still really sore. I also went in for a follow up with my radiation doctor, Dr. Lisella. She said that everything was looking great still but she wanted me to go to Physical Therapy. I have tight muscles on the radiated side still and don't have a full range of motion. That is something I need to look into this week and see about getting to PT.
Saturday Jon and I went out to celebrate his birthday with our friends Courtnee and Seth. We went out to eat and had a great time visiting and just enjoying seeing each other since Jon has been out of town working the last 2 weeks. I am hoping that the shooting pains from the expanders doesn't keep getting worse as the week goes on before I go in again next Thursday.
Jon spent some of his evening putting some things on Craigs List that we are trying to sell...his jeep, our ATV, and a tilt trailer. If you know anyone who might be interested in these PLEASE pass them on! I would love to get rid of these things.


Debbie said...

I had a fun time on Friday night with all the girls. If your Dr. recommends that you go to Harmony Hand Clinic for PT there is a woman named Sue who is great. She works with all the breast cancer patients in town. I hope this weeks fill won't be to painful.

Jer said...
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