Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Buddy Check 9

Hey ladies! It is Buddy Check 9 day so every one take time today or tomorrow and do your monthly self breast exams. I have been staying busy this week with work and the kids. Sunday we went to a big meeting for church and they told us that they are organizing a new ward in our area and will be re drawing the ward boundaries. For those that aren't familiar a ward is the group of people that are assigned to attend church at the same time and have all their activities together. It is exciting that the church is growing in this area but hard to lose some neat people from our ward family. My parents did get to stay in the same ward as us so I am grateful for that. They help us out a lot.
I noticed after a few days of taking my medications I had this really unpleasant taste in my month all the time unless I was eating. It was bad enough to stop taking all my pain meds and muscle relaxers and go back to Tylenol and just suffer through the nights. I am doing pretty good during the day, it is just the nights that are still uncomfortable. When I am trying to lay on my side and it puts pressure on my breast area. My computer has decided to not open my email program today so I have been dealing with that headache all afternoon trying to figure it out...still don't know what is going on. What a pain! I am glad that school is back in session and Olivia is entertained and occupied through the morning hours again. Jon has stayed in the Denver-ish area all week so he has been home at night which is nice. I go in again tomorrow for another fill. Hopefully Dr. Brewster will be able to shed some light on the nasty taste issue with what med is causing that since I know I will need them both again come the afternoon. Hopefully things won't get worse then they were last week, just at a moderately uncomfortable but not quite at painful. I can definitely see they are oddly shaped and am already looking forward to surgery again to get the implants in. Dr Brewster says that during the fill process the expanders are both folded up to fit inside the area they had to work with and will slowly unfold until they are are undone and circular. They both now look like semi circles. Good thing we don't walk around like indigenous people with no shirts on...Ha! I told my family these better be the best looking "little" breasts ever when I am done for what I've gone through for them.......We shall see......

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Toni said...

I'm excited to see the finished product myself! Just kidding. I'm sorry for the bad taste in your mouth, I hate when meds do that.