Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sore and double sore

Well I am glad to say that I made it three weeks in a row without and extreme amount of discomfort until this round. I have been extremely sore this last time around. I haven't had a good night sleep since Thursday after my fill and have just been uncomfortable. The last few times I have been pretty uncomfortable at night but usually OK during the day. This time I have stayed sore and uncomfortable day and night and taking my pain pills on a consistent basis. At my appointment on Thursday Dr Brewster said that I was about the same size on my left side as I was before surgery and could be done if I was satisfied with the size on that side or could keep expanding for about another month an be a medium size B. Hey, if I have made it this far it is worth it to be a little bigger then I was before and get what I want, right? So I am going to keep expanding although it was temping when she asked if I was ready to schedule surgery in 4 or 5 weeks. So I guess once the expanding is done I only have to wait a month or so to have the final surgery to get my implants placed. I am thinking at this point on Sunday evening I am going to probably skip expanding this week and give my body a break since I am still so sore. I have been using my heating pad on my chest the last 2 days in hopes of it helping more but I am not sure it is doing anything.
I ended up doing the frozen meals preparation at my friend Michelle's house on Friday morning with Alyssa, Michelle, and Melanie. We did 14 meals and hopefully it will be a big help with meal planning in the next few weeks. Jon didn't get home from his training until 2am on Saturday morning and now is going to be driving up to Billings MT to work this week. I am glad he has at least been here the last 2 days to help me with the kids and being so sore. Hopefully I will start sleeping better tonight and not being as sore tomorrow.
Yesterday Jon and I took the kids to Bounce (an indoor bounce house) with Heath and Alyssa and their family and then went out to eat at Costa Vida. It is an awesome Mexican restaurant that just opened and is similar to Qudoba. They have the best sweet pork....yummy! The kids always have such a great time at Bounce, but we don't go very often because it is kinda pricey. It was fun to spend some time together while he was here in town.

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