Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Jan 4th

Thank goodness the night is over. My meds all worked pretty well but I was still tossing and turning from being uncomfortable all night. The days when I am up and about are much better and can barely notice the uncomfort. It is the sleeping on the side and then going to your back, then back to the side with the body pillow hoping that by putting my arm on top of the pillow it isn't squeezing my chest from falling across my body. We have the long, blue body pillow that is the shape of a cylinder that somewhere along the line got the nick name Old Blue. Ha! I used to sleep with it all the time while I was pregnant and now has become something I can't sleep without after all my surgeries again. Thank goodness for Old Blue.

My sister was over with the kids the other day some of them played dress up. It was so funny.

I also found out that my digital camera records video as well. I tried it out while they were here the other day. Her is a quick 30 second clip of my sister Amy, my niece Brooke, and my son Cody. Brooke wasn't feeling well and I don't know what I was thinking turning the camera sideways...rookie! Make sure you go down to the bottom of the page and pause the other song at the bottom to hear audio.

We are now trying to find our dog a different home. I admit we didn't think it through well enough. He is a cute pooch but ends up being in his kennel a lot of the time because we don't have a fenced yard. In my mind it was to be Jon's thing but with him being gone working either long days or out of town it falls on me to take care of him. He honestly does really well with the kids and is house trained, it is just more then I can handle right now with everything else going on and not having the flexibility for him to be in a yard. He is still a puppy and I think he is about 16 to 18 weeks old. We are hoping to get a couple hundred for him so if you know anyone that is interested please let me know. He is a golden doodle (golden retriever, poodle mix) and we want to make sure we find him a good home. Here is a few recent photos.

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