Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dang cold, cold medicine, and prostate cancer

It was cold here today. cold. Dang cold. The HIGH was 15 plus it was windy. I hate it when it is that cold.
The kids and I spent the majority of our day at my friend Aislinn's new home. They just bought a new house and I was helping her unpack as the kids had fun running around and playing in her basement. We took a few car loads of stuff over there but it was just painful being outside when it is that cold. I was looking at pictures of her wedding and honeymoon which was in the summer and in Hawaii. Man I wish I was in Hawaii today.....or ever. Ha! I am watching the 10:00 news and the thermometer says 5. Crazy!
So speaking of the news I was going to share some interesting things I heard. First, the FDA has come out saying that cold and cough medicines should NEVER be used in infants and children under the age of 2 due to possible deadly side effects. Plus....saying that cold and cough medicines for children are a total hoax. Don't work, never have. Pretty interesting information. I give all my kids cough medicine when they up at night coughing and I thought they worked...
Second they now think they have discovered a gene sequence that dramatically raises the risk for prostate cancer that would predict who would get prostate cancer decades before hand. Modern medicine seriously amazes me. Click here to see that news report.
I have thought a ton about my treatment process today...My sister Toni called me this morning and told me to turn on GMA. Robyn Roberts celebrated her last day of chemo and they did a whole piece on her treatment process. The whole experience is too fresh in my mind to watch and not just bawl while I see someone else having to endure what I myself had to go through. The bald head, the emotions, getting her port tapped and in her words "my favorite part", just everything. She has a few segments that she talks about and on one of the diary segments she said she did her photo shoot with people magazine after her mother told her to make her mess, her message. What good advice. I hope I have been able to do that as well through my experience and my blog. I am still crying just writing about it and re watching all the news segments. Man that sucked! So that started my day off and then at Aislinn's house her daughter Isabella showed me her new blanket that was pink and had hearts and breast cancer ribbons on it. Aislinn told me they took the kids to the store on Christmas eve to do a tradition and make them new blankets. Isabella had picked out princess material and then saw this fabric and put her princess stuff back and said to her mom that she wanted the breast cancer ribbon fabric because it supports Eliza. How stinkin' sweet. Of course I started crying. I am such a baby.
I go in for a "fill up" tomorrow morning again. Honestly I am not feeling any more sore than I did last Wednesday so that is good. I thought I would be worse off this week than last. I am happy to be on the same "sore scale". We will see what tomorrow brings and how I am doing tomorrow night.
I finally called Directv again today since I am fed up with the receiver being poo. They will come out on Friday and service it and it will only cost a service contract for a year at 5.99 a month. Oh well, better than $299 for the new receiver. I figured we can re evaluate the cost of the HD stuff next year and possibly switch cable companies if someone else is cheaper rather then enter into a new 2 year contract as well by updating our equipment. Cable and phone companies and there dumb contracts. Oh well at least my tv will be working properly again, and just in time to start the new season of Lost on Jan 31st. Addicted.


Toni said...

Man, I'm sorry I made you cry! I didn't mean to, I just thought you'd be interested in watching it. Sorry. That story about Isabella almost made me cry, that's so cute! I love you sis, and am glad you're still around to laugh with and talk to.

Margie said...

Hi Eliza
Found you by just going to next glad I did!
You have a beautiful family!

I have a sister that is a survivor of breast cancer for over 5 years now!

You are from Loveland, CO!
I've been there a few times.
I live in Colorado Springs.

I'm glad you shared the link about Robin Roberts on GMA!
Thank you so much!

Keeping you in my prayers!
Take care!