Thursday, January 03, 2008

Time to Expand

It's been a pretty uneventful week for us. The kids and I are all getting through colds, coughs, and sore throats. My sister Amy who is here has had a flu bug take over her whole family the last couple days which sucks.
For new years we had a few friends over to hang out and play games which was fun and I was able to go out to eat with my mom and sisters on Monday which was fun. We went to this Mexican place in the new Centerra shopping center called Costa Vida. It is similar to Qdoba and really good. They have really yummy sweet pork and I have heard it is by the same owners as Cafe Rio in Utah which is also really good.
Yesterday I had a bloody nose that lasted a good hour and a half and almost 2. I have been taking Aleve at night since it seems to be the only thing that helps. Bloody noses are pretty common for me especially during the dry winter but this was something else. Kinda scary. I did finally get it to stop but it consumed my whole afternoon.
Today I was back to Dr. Brewster and did my first expansion. I was super nervous to go and do it because I remembered how painful it was to take the fluid off the expander when I was in a ton of pain in the hospital. They take this instrument that looks like a stud finder with a magnet in it and the expander also has a magnet on the port for the expander. Then she sticks this needle in with a monster tube on the end that holds all the saline. Lucky for me it wasn't bad at all to have done. I am still pretty numb from surgery in that whole area. She filled an ounce or 30 cc's on both sides. My mom was nice enough to come with me to share in the fun. Dr. Brewster said no more asprin or Aleve if I am having bloody noses so back to the Flexaril (muscle relaxer) and she gave me darvocet. Right after the appointment I was thinking wow that really wasn't bad and I am not even sore......Yeah right, spoke way to soon. I had to go to a work meeting right after the appointment and right in the middle of the meeting my muscles starting spasming. Woah, this was nothing I experienced after my surgery. It felt like a muscle twitch that took over my whole chest. I came home and took a muscle relaxer and was lucky enough to nap on and off for the afternoon while the twins were napping and Olivia was watching a movie. That stuff knocks me out, but did help. It's a very weird feeling to have the spasms and painful. Hopefully that will not be going on constantly and only the first day or two after expanding. I am pretty sore this evening and will try the darvocet tonight and hopefully that will take the edge off. Sore, sore, sore. My dad came over this evening to help out with the kids while Jon is taking his hunter's safety class. He said it was boring tonight, but I think he is excited to be taking it and possibly going hunting sometime. I am really lucky to have my parents close to help out so much. (I am sure they love "helping" out so much) I love it though. They are the best parents ever and I know they would do anything I asked them too. The schedule is to try and expand one once each week so I will be back there again next Thursday. Ok, I am off to bed....catch ya on the flip side.

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