Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The 80s Called....

Oh yeah. I had my girls night on Saturday and it was a total blast! My friends Alyssa, Michelle, Melanie, Aislinn, and I all went out to the roller skating rink in Fort Collins.

I can't even tell you how much fun we had. We even all bought those oh so cool glow sticks, because after all we were at the roller rink!

Here is me video taping AND skating at the same time. There is some real talent. Remember to pause the music on the bottom of my blog before playing the video. Does anyone else hate the sound of their own voice on tape? (so if you can't view the video here click here to go to the google page)

Remember my idea from my post on Saturday about the knee high socks and sweat bands? These kids there jacked my idea so next time we go we are going to go all out and dress to the 9's in similar outfits.

There were even moments of falling down laughter!

After skating we went looking for something to eat and ended up somewhere where they had dancing so we took advantage of that and got our grove on for about 10 min.

Notice how there is barley anyone else there? We opened the place up at 10pm! Ha! Here is a great clip! (If you have problems viewing video click here to veiw it directly from google)

Looking forward to making time to do this again soon, for sure! I have many more pictures on my Picasa site.

The twins got to have their sleep over at grandma and grandpa Brock's house last night and it was a nice break. I can't believe how much easier it is to have only one and a pretty independent one at that. I was here ALONE all morning while Olivia was in school. Wow, crazy! But I did miss them and it was good to have them home this evening. We went out to eat with my Dad last night for his birthday and it was fun to spend some time with my parents and brother. Olivia and I went out to lunch today with my friend Jerilyn that I haven't seen in awhile and Olivia fell in love with her daughter Ella. She talked about Ella all afternoon. We went to about 50 stores to find Olivia her "tying" shoes. Now that she knows how to tie her shoes she needs to have ones with laces, so I have been told. (by Olivia) Fine, except nobody carried shoes she liked in her size. We ended up going to 6 stores before finding ones in her size. Wow, what a pain. But thank goodness we found some in her correct size!

I am really tired of my hair.....we have a love/hate relationship my hair and I. Don't have it, hate it. Have it, still hate it. I just have never had short hair and I struggle with the style. So I figured since there is absolutely zero I can do with the style until the front grows a little more I want to do something pretty drastic with the color. Any suggestions from anyone?? (this is where you leave me a comment and /or email me a picture)


Toni said...

What's up with the videos not working? The one on my blog isn't working, either. Looks like you guys had a good time! I'll see Christy tomorrow and see if she has any suggestions for your hair (I'm getting some ideas of my own from her, too.)

Sumtoy said...

I think your hair is great....but you are young..have you thought about pink...LOL

The Bluths said...

Ok it's funny how much you sound like Toni in the video. Guess I never heard your voice before.