Saturday, March 29, 2008


We had an interesting change of plans yesterday morning. Jon and I bought a travel trailer last week but had a hard time finding one that we wanted that met our needs, to carry the four wheelers and was a bumper pull and not a fifth wheel. There weren't very many of the used trailers for sale with the separate garage area for the quads which we were looking for. Jon finally found one at a dealership in the Los Angeles area that we purchased last week and were planning to go pick it up in a few weeks when I was feeling better. Jon had one of his buddies offer to help him go and get it this weekend so he could have someone else to switch off driving with. If I went with him I would not feel comfortable helping drive it home. I don't even feel comfortable driving a little trailer behind the car so this would be out of the question. With the twins already spending time at grandma and grandpa Brock's and Olivia spending the weekend with Jon's aunt Clara and uncle John the kids were not a worry. I came over to my parent's house yesterday and will stay here for the rest of today and tonight as well. Jon left yesterday with his buddy Kenny to drive out to California and get the trailer. I am glad I got out of the long drive and that he had someone else to trade off driving with. We are really excited to have the trailer and hopefully it will make camping much easier with all the kids and we will go much more often. Did I say we were excited yet? So it is considered a toy hauler because you can drive the quads straight up into the trailer. Here are a few pictures.

Here is the front of the trailer. The circular dining table folds out into a bed and so does the sofa. Here is the kitchenThis is the garage area that has 2 hydraulic bunk beds that come down. I put some more pictures of it on the picasa site. The link is on the side bar of the page. Jon just called and said that they were able to pick it up and everything looked great. Now he has the fun 15 hour drive in front of him to get home.
I am still doing pretty fair. I was up and around way too much yesterday because I was feeling pretty good and today now I am really sore. The displacement exercises are getting a little less painful but still way uncomfortable. I will be camped out on the couch at my parents for the rest of the day staying on top of my muscle relaxers and pain meds. I can tell a difference in the right and left side. I have a drain in on my right side that is still draining a fair amount but not on my left side. I can tell that my left side is more sore and swollen because there isn't a drain on that side. I slept very comfortably last night on my side so already is it much better than the tissue expanders. Thank goodness!!


Toni said...

No need to worry about bears in that monster! Looks like fun, I'm jealous. Glad to hear you have a nice weekend to relax and heal.

Michelle said...

The trailer looks great. How nice for you not to have to make that drive. Yippee!!