Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sick as a Dog

Wow it has been a long week. Instead of going to the relay meeting on Tuesday night I ended up having to take Olivia to the urgent care office. She had a UTI.
Wednesday morning was really crazy. I did the marathon preschool registration for the twins here in town at Community Preschool. I had to stand in line to get a number at 8am. They did 3 groups of parents. The first group that was able to register was for families that currently have students at Community, the 2nd group was for alumni and 3rd was for completely new families. We fell in the 2nd group since Olivia went there last year. There were people in line starting at 6 in the morning, crazy talk. I was number 11 in my group. I had to come back to register at 9:45. Before the 2nd group even got to register they came out and said all the 4/5 yr old classes were full. WHAT?!? I couldn't believe it. I signed them up for a 3 yr old class and put them on the wait list, but was pretty frustrated. I talked to some other people throughout the day about other preschools since I was pretty sure they weren't going to get in. After devoting all morning to this and not getting in I was bummed. Then after I got home Cody started running a pretty high temperature and coughing. He was sick the rest of the day and wouldn't leave my side.
On Thursday I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a train. I was so sore all over and was getting super hot and then super cold minutes later and my throat hurt. I couldn't believe that I was hit so hard with this. Cody was fine after Wednesday. I couldn't even function the entire day. I called the dr. to make sure that I could still get in to get my last fill and she said that should be fine. I spent the entire morning in bed trying to stay warm and couldn't even get comfortable because my muscles hurt so much. I haven't felt like that since I had that neulasta shot to boost my white blood cells and my bones hurt everywhere. I made it to the doctor to get filled and then spent the rest of the day on the couch.
Friday was the same except the sore throat was so painful it hurt to swallow. I couldn't even sit and work I was so sick. I went to the urgent care on Friday afternoon and I didn't have strep throat, just some virus going around. He was nice enough to prescribe me some cough syrup with codeine that has at least helped a little. Friday afternoon I got a call from the preschool saying that they were adding an afternoon class on Monday and Wednesday and could get into that one with both the twins. I was ecstatic since I had a great experience last year with Olivia. At least the stress of finding them another preschool is over.
Saturday was boring, same thing. Couldn't function and wanted to die. On top of that I lost my voice. Even breathing hurt my throat and on top of that I started getting a bad cough. Saturday was a sad day for Jon.....We sold the Jeep. He's totally bummed, still bummed. Poor guy. It was a fun car but just not realistic to keep around anymore.
Today I finally got a break. The hot and cold and body aches both stopped and my throat even is feeling a little better but is still hurting. I have my voice back somewhat but the cough is worse today. This is just the pits. I hate being sick. Mom and dad were nice enough to take the girls to church since Cody was running a temp again today and now Jon is feeling a bit under the weather. I hope he doesn't get the same thing. So that wraps up my terrible week. Hopefully this next week won't be as bad. Oh, and it is snowing today.....spring, where are you??


Robyn said...

Oh Eliza! I know exactly how you feel!! It sounds like you have the same thing I had a couple of weeks ago. Mine turned out to be strep but I had the same symptoms as you did. I am soooo sorry!! It is horrible, isn't it. I hope you are feeling better today and that your entire family gets better soon. Take care of yourself!

Sue Flaska said...

Count me in too with that same bout of just plain old yucky crap! Mine cleared up in time to give me about a week break and now I believe I have a double sinus infection. But I tell you, that flu or whatever it was made chemo look fun. Nasty nasty stuff. Keep plugging away at getting better in time for your surgery!