Thursday, April 24, 2008

Think Positive!!

Think about the things you do right

My kids got this little sign that says this at their primary activity last Saturday and I thought it was a good thing to remind myself. I am sure there was some great object lesson they were taught along with this but to me it is a great reminder to stop making the negative lists for myself. I am always saying I didn't get this done today, I should have worked more today, I should have done this differently, I should have been more patient with the kids today. I bet we would all do better being more positive with ourselves and making a right list rather than a wrong list.
I have been struggling a bit with the twins preschool situation next year. I wasn't able to get them into a MWF morning class at Community Preschool for next year so was put into a MW afternoon class. The problem with this is that Olivia has early release on W and gets out of school a little after 1pm on Wed and I would be running around crazy Wednesday afternoons and only have one afternoon to myself a week. The twins went to a birthday party yesterday and I met a gal who told me about a preschool she sent her kids to that she just loved. It is called Paddington Preschool and the gal does it out of her home. She has a MWF or a T Th class. I called her for more information this morning and does have a full class next year for MWF but does has some openings on T Th. After visiting with her some I found out that she lives on the street I grew up on 51st Street here in Loveland and her program sounds awesome. We are going to go in and visit her class tomorrow morning and see.
Some exciting news for Relay for Life....My friend Wendy who is signed up on our team lives next door to the gentleman that owns Baskin Robins here in Loveland. He said that he would be willing to do a fundraiser night for our team on a Monday night. I will let everyone know which night we will be doing it so you can all stop in for Ice Cream for family night!

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