Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weekend Update

The highlights from the weekend are exciting!

1. Olivia got off the bus with something missing. We have been waiting and waiting for this blasted tooth to give up already. It has been on the verge of falling out for over a week and just won't let go. I tried to explain there was a nice place in tooth fairy heaven for it but it wouldn't listen to reason. Then when picking up Olivia from the bus stop Friday afternoon she said she accidentally knocked it out of her mouth. Success!

2. Cody and Alex were actually captured getting along instead of fighting...delightful!
3. We bought a puppy! Introducing the newest addition to the Brock tribe.....Daisy.

The fighting took off right from the start on the car ride home with who got to hold the tiny pooch.

It continued right on through the entire weekend with each little one wanting their turn and then when they were told their time was up there was the immediate fit and questions of when it was their turn once again.

Ah, the house just wouldn't be the same without the joyful bliss of the children arguing.

Regardless, we have all enjoyed little miss Daisy immensely. She is a "min pin" (miniature pincher) and probably weighs about 3 pounds. She will be 8 to 10 pounds fully grown. I am in love! (Jon too, although he thinks she looks like a rat)

She is so tiny I was able to give her a bath in my bathroom sink.

She snuggled up between my legs this evening while bathing my monkeys.


Toni said...

I'm having deja vu of Erica's dog from Lone Star. Is that the same kind of dog she had? Glad you guys are having fun with her!

Eliza Brock said...

she had a yorkie.

Stacie said...

SOOO cute! Puppies are tons of fun! Good luck with all the pee you'll be cleaning up! :) Enjoy!