Monday, February 02, 2009

Twins Rodeo

Ever feel too boring to update your blog? So not working, not going to school, and just home with the kids. It has been nice but haven't had too much going on. My sister Toni came to visit with her son Jack a few weeks ago. That was lots of fun. Since I wasn't working, we hung out every day. It was fun to be able to spend tons of time with her. I miss her and wish she lived closer. Alex asked me at the store today when I was going to have a baby in my tummy that we can play with and name Jack.......uh, you're outta luck sport! We will just have to enjoy little nieces and nephews dolly, I told her. In which she responded....we never get to have babies at our house. Ha! Poor kid. Here are some pictures from when she was here.
The twins had a rodeo at school last week that was really cute. Here they are before it started with their stick horses.
They did barrel racing and "turtle" roping rather than calf roping since she didn't have a calf. Here is Ali's greatest moments.....


Here are Cody's greatest moments.....


Here they are singing She'll be comin' round the mountain...


It was such a cute program. Thanks Mrs. Karen for organizing this. The kids are so cute and had such a blast!

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T. Jungus said...

Hey, when Brandy has our baby you guys can 'have babies over' whenever you want. FREE BABYSITTING!! Sucka..