Saturday, February 02, 2008

President Hinckley's Tribute

I am sure some have already seen this, but I thought I would share anyway. It is a video tribute to Gordon B. Hinckley with his voice over some pictures and music. His funeral was broadcast today on BYU TV. I thought the tribute was very sweet. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom to pause the music to hear the video. In 2000, the President made an address to the youth of our chuch which focused on the 6 B's. They are Be grateful, Be smart, Be clean, Be true, Be humble, Be prayerful. What great and wise advice. I love how it ends on this note.

It has been a hard few days. Going into the doctor on Thursday, I still wasn't feeling over being pretty sore at night. Still waking up rather uncomfortable and tossing and turning the last few hours of sleep. I knew going in it wasn't going to be great. I was on the maximum amount of pain pills for the rest of the day on Thursday. I was lucky that Jon didn't have work on Thursday and Friday. He worked until early Thursday morning so by the time I got home from the doctor with the kids he was up and here to help me out with the kids. I was on the couch for most of the day Thursday working. This time I started to have bad muscle pain in my back by my shoulder (on top of the normal aches and pains) so have had the heating pad there the last few days. The shooting pains have started to pop up again and I have to stop to take a deep breath while they are going on. Definetly starting to be a major bummer. Needless to say I haven't gotten much sleep the last few nights and am pretty tired and sore. Thursday night my girlfriend Nichole that I haven't seen for over a year was in town and stopped by with her baby, Christian. He is such a cutie with big blue eyes. He husband is getting done with training in the Air Force and they are being stationed in Anchorage so she will be going up there in a month or so.
Olivia was supposed to go to Salt Lake this weekend with my parents to see my sister Toni. They are blessing their baby tomorrow at church and my brother in law invited Olivia to come over and go sledding and hang out. She was very excited. Unfortunatly due to the weather and interstate road closures they ended up flying instead of driving and Olivia wasn't able to go. She was bummed. We have been able to do some fun things this weekend anyway. Jon and Cody were invited to go see the monster truck and motocross show last night with our friend Desi and his son Duncan. (look at his ear plugs) Desi's wife Aislinn decided to have a girls night for the rest of us. Olivia, Alex, and I went over there last night to hang out and play games with a group of other ladies. It was fun to visit and spend time with friends. Jon and Cody also had a lot of fun, but we were all really late getting home. Olivia had a learning fair this morning at school where the kids get to pick different workshops to attend. She went to sign language, cheerleading, raptors (one on birds), and born to be wild (about animals). She had a fun morning. It is just past 1pm and both the twins have been asleep for 20 min. I suppose that is what happens when you put your kids to bed after 10. Ha! I hope they are in a better mood when they wake up. I spent a good part of the day yesterday studying for a test I have to take for work and need to spend the afternoon on it again today. I hope that I am able to pass it. I don't think I am a very good test taker. I didn't do very well on my ACT or SAT and this is also a timed test so I am a little nervous about it. I updated some more of the monster truck pictures on my picasa site.


Stacie said...

Girl's night was a blast! It was good to see you guys. I love the tribute to Pres. Hinkley, I think I'm gonna put it on my blog too.

Toni said...

Gol, way to make me cry after I put on my make-up! What a great man he was, I'm going to miss him. Tell O we missed her this weekend.