Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day!!

Hello my blogging friends and readers. Happy Valentines Day. Sitting here writing that I am reminded of a really funny poem my sister Amy wrote back in her high school years about Valentines Day and how it was a conspiracy with Hallmark and Hershey. I am going to have to get her to copy it for me and let me post it because it was funny....tomorrow perhaps. We will doom on V.D. tomorrow. Today I love Valentine's Day because it gives me a renewed appreciation for my valentine and all the people that I love around me that I would still consider my valentines. Of course there is the obvious one, Jonathan, my loving husband and love of my life. I am so thankful to have married such a wonderful man and great father. Sorry ladies, I caught the best one out there. Good thing he loves me too since I am so high maintenance lately. Feeling like poop and all. I am also so thankful to all my wonderful family members and friends that support me through thick and thin, up and down, bald and beautiful baby! You all know who you are and you rock! Nothin but love for you guys......and hopefully for many, many, many years to come!
As much as I love y'all I am not lovin today. I woke early this morning to Alex yelling my name across the house at 6am....she had a bloody nose that had gotten all over her pillow, bed sheets, comforter, her, her hair, face, it goes on and on. Since she shares a room with her brotheO Cody he woke up also and in the mix of course Olivia is ripped from her sleep and wants to be in on the action going on at 6am. Needless to say our entire house was up and awake at 6 am. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, ever. It is just too early and the heat hasn't been set to turn up until 6:45 so tired and cold. So I finally deal with that bomb that was dropped and have everyone situated on the couch to watch some tv and give me a second to get myself dressed and cleaned up cleaning up Alex. We are behind a little at work so I have been trying to work as much as I can to help get caught up and turn on my computer, mind you my brand new computer, that I have been having issues with and the browsers weren't working. I use both firefox and internet explorer and neither would work correctly. My amazing B-I-L took my computer for me last weekend and fixed what I thought was wrong on my email program, so I thought all was finally well. Then this morning with the browser is not working correctly, I couldn't even get on to work. After going through a few things over the phone with the BIL we couldn't figure it out and I would need to get my computer to him for his expertise. I had to get out my old laptop that Jon now uses to work and try to work with what time I had left in the morning to get some work done. I just want to have my laptop that I dropped all sorts of coin on to work. Is this really asking too much? Sheesh! So there went my morning trying to find out what was wrong with my computer and then trying to get another one to work on. Good thing that my brother in law is brilliant and amazing with computers and fixes all my drama for me. He is definately on my Valentines day list today too!
So on with the middle of my day....Off to the amazing Dr. Brewster's office. Which I have been told "she is the best kept secret in Fort Collins". She doesn't advertise much until recently with the STYLE magazine. This is the local magazine that I modeled in for Breast Cancer Awareness month. She is an amazing surgeon and it certainly a plus that I also do like her a bunch. Well today she actually wasn't my favorite since it was a fill day and it hurt a bunch to fill today. On the radiated side of my body it is becoming hard and tighter with each expansion. The giant needle going into the expander didn't hurt it was getting the saline in the expander. It didn't want to accept all that fluid. She was pushing on the syringe so hard to get the fluid to fill the expander that when the fluid was going in I instantly felt like she could have been standing on my chest and jumping up and down because there was that much pressure. Not from the syringe getting pushed on but the fluid filling the expander then the pressure against my ribs and muscles and all of that radiated tissue telling me to "STOP THAT RIGHT NOW". I think if my tissues could talk they would have yelled that at me today. With reassurance from Dr. Brewster my tissues are looking healthy and taking the expansion process well. So onward and upward. Planning to keep sticking it out (even though I am in a constant state of being extremely uncomfortable) and get this process over with.

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Sumtoy said...

You AMAZE me. Most people just curl up and can't hardly face tomorrow. You seem to say "OK God--you gave me some lemons, I'm making lemonade-Wheres the sugar?" Even though we have never met, I consider you a dear friend..Peace in Christ.