Saturday, February 09, 2008

Buddy Check 9

It's that time of the month again. Give yourself a good squeeze and do your self breast exams. Here is the buddy check 9 message this month....

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, a few days before the 14th . While most of us associate the day with sweethearts, there are many people in our lives worthy of a valentine. We all remember how important it was in elementary school to send a sweet message to every friend in our class. Well, here is another chance for you to send a message to a good friend. Please take a moment to tell someone what they mean to you, and then encourage that special someone to do a self breast exam. Your message of kindness could save a life.
Also, if you have a sister that has been diagnosed with breast cancer, consider joining the Sister Study. This involves some time commitment on your part, but how many times do we get the chance to be part of something that could lead to a cure? The goal is to get 50,000 women in the study. Researchers are looking for more African American, Latina, Asian and Native American sisters to join, as well as those over the age of 65. To learn more about the study go to
Until then, celebrate the friendships and relationships that make your life sweet!

Although I have been uncomfortable the last few days I have to say it wasn't as bad as last week. Still bad, but not horrible. My heating pad is still my best friend and I am still taking one pain med every 4 hours, but not 2 which is good. Jon has been working very hard on the drywall in the basement and is about 95% done. He has one wall and under the stairs to drywall still and then we will be done with that portion. It finally is coming together. I had my pampered chef party this morning and I just have to say they have some cool products. I am going to get their bamboo utensils (much better than wooden spoons), and the food chopper. This thing will chop up anything and saves a done of time with dicing or just chopping up. If anyone is interested in getting anything look at the link on my post from Thursday and shoot me an email.

Jon spent the morning with the kids and my brother Ethan and took the girls to Lollilocks. It is a place for kids to go get their hair cut. They have a puppet theatre and play area and then the kids get to sit on these chairs that look like carousel animals while they get their hair cut. Then the girls got to pick out a hair style from a picture book and they style their hair with hair clips and bands. They had a good time but it was kinda pricey. Good thing for a 20% off coupon. Here is some snapshots.

I tried to e file our taxes and there is some issue with the IRS and Jon's birthday. What a pain. I guess we will just be mailing it in. Jon has a few interested people in his Jeep and one coming to look this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!


The Bluths said...

Where are the after pictures of their hair?

Toni said...

I checked the Sister Study link, but you have to be at least 35. Too bad that didn't qualify for you, huh?