Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday, Monday....

So it has been a long weekend. Still extreamly sore and now I have this issue with my under arm. It feel almost like my shirt has been rubbing on my underarm, not in my arm pit, but where your shirt touches your underarm. I has been hurting since Friday and at first just burned and felt like I had my shirt to tight around that part of my underarm. So I started wearing a really loose T shirt like I did when I had radiation and putting aquaphore on that part of my underarm but it hasn't gotten any better. It still just burns. There is no actual irritation to the skin which is bizarre, not red, not chapped, nothing. I started worrying more about it yesterday when there wasn't any signs on the outside of skin irritation and called the dr. this morning. She said if I wasn't experiencing a fever and chills we didn't need to worry about infection and to just try to take it easy, put ice on that area and take Tylenol. Ah Tylenol, the wonder no. I am sure this actually does work for some people but it never seems to make a big difference for me. Still wearing loose shirts and I will try the ice today. Hopefully I will get some relief because it is a major pain. I just hope that there isn't something else going on under the skin. I will probably end up with giant streatch marks there or something. It just feels like my skin is being pulled apart. (probably because it is) Hopefully this part of it won't last the rest of the time as well. This is much worse than being sore!
Jon finished hanging all the dry wall this past weekend and clearing out all the misc stuff we had in the basement. We are having a guy come in and do all the taping, mudding and texturing this week. It is exciting to keep moving forward with the basement. Although there is still a lot left after this stuff it is finally coming together. Hopefully by the summer or end of summer it will be done.
Speaking of summer, I wish it was. It has been so windy here lately, I am ready for the warm nice weather....even though it is still a few months away.
I spoke to my sister Amy and she couldn't find her original poem about Valentine's Day but did write 2. So here is her 2nd annual Valentines Day poem and hopefully she will find her other one soon!
This is the season bemoaned of the year,
When sweetheartless singles snarl and sneer.
We celebrate an intangible human feeling
It makes me shudder to my very being.
Why love this day to represent?
I know others echo my sentiment.
Do we consecrate a day for sadness,
How about anger, envy or malice?
The love day wouldn't be half so bad
If it celebrated familial love - for mom or dad.
(I'm not bidder if that's what you've heard!)
I lack a boyfriend but I have endured.
This year I choose to concentrate
On family and friends and not on a mate.
As you can see I've changed my attitude,
I won't let this day cause a bad mood.
by: Amy Lucas

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