Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Monday..

Wow, I haven't been on in a week. I had lots of help from Mom last week, Jon is working nights so she came over every night last week to help feed us and take care of kids. My brother Mason came over for dinner one day and I had to take a picture with him. I swear we have the same hair. It is time for me to do something different as far as the color for sure!! Here we are together...
I had the burning pain in my under arm all last week and it never really got any better. I went in for my fill on Thursday and Dr. Brewster said I needed to get to the Physical Therapist ASAP. She thought my muscles were just getting tighter and tighter and the pain was from the muscle rather than the skin. I was able to fill the rest of the way on my left side so I am at 250 cc's and done on that side. I was at 200 on the right side so thought we would split the remainder and fill 25 cc's at my next 2 appointments. When Dr. Brewster started putting in the 25 cc's on the left side the burning pain under my arm was immediately 100 times worse and then the skin across my chest felt like it was going to split wide open. I said, "Um is it normal to feel like the skin across my chest is going to explode at any second?" She of course said Yeah no, and still had the syringe in my expander and just let go of the end and let the pressure take the fluid back off. We only ended up filling 10 cc's on the right so I am only at 210. But that 10 cc's felt more tight than any of the last 30 cc's at a time. Pretty disappointing to be so close to being done and realize that I might have to wait another couple weeks and fill slowly. Dr. Brewster is out of town this week so I have no choice but to skip the fill this week.
She recommended a good Physical Therapist here in Loveland that I called immediately after getting home on Thursday. He was able to get me in that afternoon. Of course when I went in for my first visit and consult he kept saying wow your muscles and tendons here are really tight. I could barley move my right arm over my head. He also looked at my spine. I have know I had a curvature in my spine since high school, my GP told me it was a minor amount of scoliosis but nothing to be too concerned about. Apparently it has become worse and is now contributing to my problems with my right side. He wants me to go get an X Ray of it. Great, just what I need another problem to worry about. He did some stretching and massage and it actually has been feeling better the last few days. I have been trying to stretch and massage that tendon from my pec muscle to my under arm a few times a day and have noticed a difference. I will go to PT 3 times a week for the next 2 weeks and hopefully get much better.
Dr. Brewster did say that I need to only wait about 2 weeks after my last fill to have my next surgery so that is good news that I don't have to wait around a long time before I am done. I am really concerned with how tight the skin is around the expander on my right side. Hopefully it will all work out OK in the end. I haven't really done much of anything the last week because I have felt so horrible, including my hair and make up. Ha! That gets depressing feeling like crap all the time and not having motivation to do anything. Good thing for all the help from my mom and Jon. Today I got up and did both and will go to PT this afternoon, and hopefully continue to feel better as the week goes on.
We are in the middle of getting the drywall done in the basement. Last week the guys did all the muding and taping and they are here today doing the sanding. All the dust is going to be really fun at the end of the day. Then they will primer and texture and be done. It is exciting to be moving further along with it. I can't imagine what it will be like to double our square footage in a few months. (hopefully it will be done in a few months) Cody is still doing great with the potty training and I couldn't be happier. We actually went out this week for the first time without a diaper bag, it was awesome. Olivia spent the night on Friday with her Grandma and Grandpa Brock and had a great time. It was funny to just be with the twins. Jon and I went out to eat with some friends on Friday and were feeling funny to just have the twins with us. It is definitely easier playing man on man defense than zone. Except the 5 trips to the bathroom over dinner. On Saturday Jon was fixing our dishwasher and the twins had to be right up in that action to see what was going on.
The other new thing is listening to the IPod. Jon got some headphone that will stay on their heads and that is the new exciting thing to do. Cody looks so funny with the headphones on.
I started getting the cold junk that is going around on Friday with the sore throat and coughing. Hopefully that doesn't turn into the really bad stuff that hangs around for weeks. It is supposed to snow here tonight, I am so ready for the nice weather. Enough of the winter already, it is depressing with not feeling well and the weather being crappy!

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Toni said...

your kids are pretty much the cutest kids I've ever seen!... except for my own, of course. :)