Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who's Ready to Relay Baby?!?

Even thought it is only February I am getting on the ball and starting my relay for life team. Relay for Life of Loveland will be June 7th and 8th at the Budweiser Event Center. Last year it was at the Thompson Valley High School Track so this will be a new venue. The Fort Collins Relay for life says the same dates and same location so I am assuming we will all be walking together or be walking on 2 separate tracks in their parking lot. That would be neat since my health care professionals are all in Fort Collins and lots of the people I went through treatment with participate in the Fort Collins Relay. So I registered a team and we will have the same team name as last year "We Cancer-vive". I am only going to do one team this year and ask that instead of having couples sign up that you sign up as an individual and then bring your family along unless you think that you will both (as a couple) be there for most of the event. We were spread pretty thin last year because some of the team members only came for a short period of time. I think if we only do one team this year and most of us that are the actual registered team members stay for most of the time it will work a little better. If you register as a team member before March 1st the registration is only $5 and then after that it will be $10. Click here to go to the main page for Loveland Relay for Life. There are pictures there for 2007 Relay if you participated last year. I saw a few pictures with Alyssa in the back ground but not any of our team area. Just in case your interested. To sign up to relay on my team you click the join a team link at the top and select my team "We Cancer-vive". Hope to have a good team this year!

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