Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Night before "The Day"

It's been a week of ups and downs. Cody....finally....Cody is catching onto this potty training business. At Christmas my sister was telling me that she didn't think I was going to get off the hook very easily with potty training code. Both my girls were breifly introduced to it and then one day they just decided I am potty trained and will be wearing underwear from here on out. Alex (the older twin) has been potty trained since last May and we are still working on on Cody (the younger twin). Finally over the last week the boy is now catching on that all the "big kids" are wearing underwear and not diapers. He has worn underwear around the house here the last 3 days and only had one accident. Going both #1 and #2. YEAH! Am I finally nearing the times of the diapers?? Man I hope so! At least seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. He looks so cute with these tiny little thomas underwear on his tiny behind. What a cutie patootie.
I have still been feeling sore pretty much constantly and especially worse at night. I wake up every morning feeling like a truck ran me over or I had been outise shoveling snow all day. These "fills" are definaetly getting progressivly worse from week to week. I am going to need to talk to the doc tomorrow about if this is normal or if I am putting too much stress on my body and see what she says. If nothing else I need to get some stonger pain meds to get me through the first day or two after the fill. So that appt is tomorrow, really counting down the hours!
Last night was interesting. Alex usually starts out in my bed to go to sleep since the twins share a room and would be talking all night if we laid them down together and then I move her when I go to bed. Well I am sitting out in the living room working and hear this what I thought was a cough and then she said Mommy I threw up.....The words that every mother just loves and can't get enough of....nnnooooo! All over my duvet cover, sheets, her, her hair. Oh and bonus, we had green beans for dinner...those always look great 5 hours down the road digested and then regurgitated. So I get her in the shower get all the stuff in the washer and start getting on another pair of pj's and again...blllahhhh all over her, the bathroom floor, towel, rugs. At this point I am thinking "ok seriously why me? why is Jon working tonight and not here? Just why? In the shower again for the 2nd time, threw more stuff in the washer and got her all dried and dressed. Yacked again, but this time we made it to the toilet. Hurray! We sat up until about 12:30 on the couch while she continued to vomit on and off before getting into bed. Then of course a whole night of tossing and turning wondering if I will be yacked on in the middle of my sleep or how many times we would be up changing sheets before the sun rises. Luckly enough the squirming kid was the worst part and with me not sleeping anyway I really probably only got 2 hours of sleep. Then at 5am the smoke alarm starts chirping (out of batteries), and not just any smoke alarm the one right above my bedroom door that is on the TOP of our vaulted ceiling. Which genius decided to mount a smoke detector 12 feet in the air is definatly off my show..... After some creative stacking on a coffee table and big piece of ply wood and a ricketty old ladder Jon was able to get up to it and change the battery. Again asking myself why? seriously why? These things never happen at noon or in the morning you know when it would be convenient to fix it. Nope always in the middle of the night when you have to freeze you butt off to get out of bed to fix it and realize you don't have a ladder tall enough to get up there. Apparently we need to invest in one of those extension ladders to avoid this exact same situation from repeating itself in the future.
Today wasn't much better as Jon and I were both zombies all through the day. I get a phone call from one of my providers (doc offices) saying that they still haven't received payment from my insurance. I am not sure if I have blogged about this monstrosity of a situation or not before but a quick fill in if not. I have blue cross of CA insurance b/c my husbands companies home office is in CA. Here in CO with the providers I see have to bill my things through the CO office so it doesn't get recognized as out of network and then send it through to the CA location to get processed correctly. So in my mind if they are co-mingling filing and reporting claims they are working together, right? Wrong. Every time I have seen the doctor or had lab work done, or say um hmmm SURGERY....They send it to CO office to bill and they have been denying it saying I don't have a policy with them and not sending it on to the CA office. In turn as you can imagine this all becomes MY problem as the consumer to go back to the provider and say you filed it wrong (which most are none to happy about you telling them they are doing anything wrong) and then call both the CO office and CA office to get the full story on what is going on. Today this happened again on something they were supposed to get taken care of last month and it never was followed up on (not my me) and now the provider wants me to pay the full balance. Treating me like some indigent piece of crap with no insurance and that I don't want to give her the money I owe her. This chick was a piece of work.....I just told her I am not paying you a dime. I have insurance you can look through the many many times I have been to this office for appointments, surgiers, follow ups, and everything and say that they have always paid on these claims before but now because there is some processing issue you treat me like this? I wasn't having it. I call the CO office, NOT THEIR PROBLEM, call the CA office, NOT THEIR PROBLEM, which transfers into my problem. Well I am not havin it anymore. The next time these series of phone calls are being made the HR lady at Jon's work is going to be getting an ear full from me and a front seat to this mayhem. Pure ridiculousness. Anyway just thought I would catch up on our week, say I am feeling terrible and sore and hating this a lot. Being negative today since I am so tired.....So I am going to go to bed and hopefully be in a better mood tomorrow. Real quick here is a quick picture of Olivia in a dress we recently got as a hand me down from Alyssa. Her new "dress up" dress she puts on almost every day after school.

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