Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fill 'em up!

I went to the docs today to get my expanders filled and the status is 210 cc's on the left side and 170 cc's on the right. Remember they had to take some off on the left side after surgery so I am lop sided. But you can't really tell unless I am wearing my favorite tight shirts....just kidding! So they fill 30 cc's at a time and the goal is 250. I have a 2 weeks on one side and and 3 weeks on the other. Then I can schedule surgery about 5 weeks after probably April-ish. Which is good, right before the nice weather and swimming season! I am so tired of the cold weather. Mom and I were looking at garden magazines in the docs office today and I can't wait for summer! We also talked about the type of implants I will get and I have decided to get the silicone gels rather than saline. With having no breast tissue to start out with they feel more natural than the saline. They will also look much different then the expanders. Although they have they same "volume" they are shaped different with different "projection" and width. It was the same drill after getting filled. Almost instantly the right (cancer) side was killing me. This is also the side that I have back muscle pain. I have been sitting with the heating pad on my back the entire day. I told Dr. Brewster that I was really uncomfortable all week and asked her about just doing it and getting it over with or if it was my body saying I've had enough. She reassured me that my body is tolerating the expansion process well and it was okay to keep expanding but not to get to the point where I am so uncomfortable I can't function. My plan is to keep going and not skip weeks unless Dr. Brewster says I really need to. Tough it out and keep filling and get it over with. I have been on my pain meds all day at full dosage and of course and very uncomfortable. Hopefully the next few weeks goes by quickly.
On another note I am having a pampered chef party on Saturday morning at 10am. I am sending an open invite to anyone who would like to come and bring a friend, or just yourself, come on by! If your interested in just ordering something check out the catalog online at and then shoot me an email at and let me know what you want to order and I will personally contact you.
Tis the season that all my "shows" are on TV. Lost started last week wich I am absolutely obsessed with and Survivor started tonight. Wow Thursdays are a busy night with me now. Ha! Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight with the help of a full dose of Ambien!

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