Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Smarsh-mellows and Cancer free!

So today I went to my actual 6 month check up with my amazing oncologist Dr. Medgyesy. It was good to see her again, since I haven't been around there much lately (yipee!). She said all my tests were fine and blood work is still with in normal ranges. She did the full frontal check me out and mentioned that my reconstruction looked great and that Dr. Brewster is amazing. For someone who probably sees lots of fake racks, I took that as a complement. I am still thinking I will have another surgery towards the end of the year to loosen up the scar tissue on the one side since it is still looking different from the other side. Now that the left side is more "settled" the left side (cancer side) even looks higher than the right on top of being tighter and just appearing a little different. Anyway...enough about my anatomy, hopefully the next surgery will do the trick.
I took a big risk this weekend and actually wore a regular bra for my birthday. I have had to wear a sports bra since the last time I had surgery. It was fine for most of the night but did start to irritate me at the end of the movie. It actually fit which was nice. When I tried it on after I had surgery the under wire was super tight around my implants since they hadn't settled yet and I was still swollen. It felt nice that it actually fit me. Anyway back to what I was getting at was I have had a sore rib under my chest for the last few days and I think my bra was the culprit. Although even wearing the sports bra makes it sore after the end of the day. Back on the path to normalcy.
We are probably leaving tomorrow to go camping until Sunday. I am excited to get the heck out of dodge and escape to the wilderness with no cell or wi-fi access!
My kids were eating "smarshmellows" the other day and I just had to catch it on tape. It is so funny that they call them smarshmellows. Oh, and ignore the messy faces, geesh mom wipe those faces off after dinner! I am normally OCD about that and running noses, pet peeves. Enjoy!


The Bluths said...

That video is cute. And super cute that Jon just walks by and kisses their heads.

Toni said...

Those kids are so cute! I went and played the video again after reading Ashley's comment because I didn't notice Jon in the first one. What a good dad!

Toni said...
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