Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Butterfly Pavilion

On Friday we went back down to the Denver area to visit the Butterfly Pavilion. I made my niece this CD with some of her favorite songs on it and I had to get this on tape. This kids knows the words to more songs than I do I think. Here is some video of her singing songs from Enchanted. This movie has some really cute original songs.

Seriously could she be any cuter? So the butterfly pavilion was an interesting place. The kids seemed to like it but it was all about bugs, spiders, and insects. Not so much my #1 interest. (I am having an all over body chill) Yuck. They have a live specimen of tons of different tarantulas including the one used in the movie arachnophobia the bird eating tarantula. And no I did not make that name up. These things can grow up to a foot long and have one inch fangs. GROSS! Here is Alex standing right by it but you can barely see it because it is camouflaged in the dirt.

They had an area where people could hold a "normal" tarntula they named Rosie and Olivia actually did it. I couldn't believe it. Here she is temping her fate...

I also got some pictures of Mason and my little niece Marnie doing it. The twins were with me and wanted nothing to do with it!

Gives me the ee-bee gee-bees. Here are Alex and Cody touching the star fish and the crab.

Then they have this green house area where they have thousands of butterflies flying around. You go in and see all of them and all the different kinds. That part is pretty cool. Here the kids enjoying that.

They had this little beehive area all the kids liked to play on also.

On the way home Olivia finally lost one of her teeth that has been loose for about 2 weeks. It was pretty funny. All of sudden she started screaming and crying. I turn around and she has a tooth in her had. She was freaked. My mom and I both started saying yeah you lost it but she was still upset. It took a little convincing but she finally calmed down and got excited about the tooth fairy visiting her that night. Of course my camera was out of batteries so I have to wait for those pictures from my dad.

Since yessterday was my sister's last day here I went back over for dinner. Here is Cody and Marnie in their usual mode of holding hands. Too cute.

We had a picnic outside since it was cooling down a little. Here is O and here missing tooth.And grandma picnicing with the kiddos.

Amy swinging with Marnie.

Amy and I since we are always the one taking the pictures so we are never in them :-)

Seems a befitting day also that uncle Mason found a snake in the yard with all the other creepy crawling things we saw yesterday. The kids were so into it. What a cool uncle!

Here Aunt Eliza and Marnie Moo. She bonked my nose. Ouch. Kiss me better baby!

Cody and Alex helping grandma water.

Well Am-er it was a fun few weeks with you. Wished you lived closer. I love you!


Toni said...

Miss you guys too! Glad you had fun with Amer there. When are you coming to visit again? Olivia was supposed to ask you.

Sue Flaska said...

What awesome pictures you got! And ahhh...yes....songs from Enchanted. I wish I could say I bought the cd for the girls, but, lean in so I can whisper.....I love the songs too! Glad you had a great time!