Thursday, July 10, 2008

Buddy Check 9

Hey ladies..
I missed it yesterday but it was Buddy Check 9 day. Don't forget to do your monthly self breast exam. Here is the message from Kim this month:

If you are anything like me, you're thinking this summer has gone by far too quickly. Here it is mid-July and it's time to start thinking about going back to school or maybe squeezing in another summer getaway or two. In our busy lives there are many things to keep track of and plans to be made that we rely on a few reminders to keep up. So here's a reminder, that doesn't require an appointment or a babysitter or a trip across town. We are asking you to do a breast self exam, whenever you can find five minutes. That's not a lot to ask and it could save your life. In addition, we hope you will remind a busy friend or family member or co-worker to do the same.

Ironically, on this Buddy Check 9 day there is a man in a pink wig and sunglasses walking through the state of Colorado. His name is Ron Kessler and he's from Fort Collins. But he started walking in Delaware and he won't stop walking until he reaches the California Coast. Ron is doing this for breast cancer. A good friend of his was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer in 2004. After undergoing treatment she appeared to be in remission. But last summer, she got bad news. The cancer metastasized and is in her bones and lungs. She is staying strong, although this is rough time for her and her family. Ron is walking for his friend and for the 180,000 women and men who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the U.S. If you would like to know more or donate to his efforts go to

The next time you take a walk on a warm summer night, think about Ron and his walk for a friend.

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PharmacistMike said...

Accolades to Ron and his efforts. Remember, self exams, self breast exams for women and self testicular exams for men are the best way to notice small changes to one's body. After all, who knows your body better than yourself?