Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Urban's Visit

My aunt Holly and her daughter Katie were here for a few days this last week for the funeral and also to go to the Denver temple. They are from ID and the temple there is closed for remodeling for a few weeks so she came here to go through the temple before leaving for her mission next month. She is going to be serving in San Diego. It was so fun to get to see them and spend time with them. My parents, Amy, and myself were able to go through the temple with her on Thursday and it was a really neat experience. Here are some pictures of us afterwards.

The Group

The group again..

After we got home we all just hung out. The kids did some puzzles and then we had a family dinner with all my brothers and sisters (except Toni, we miss you!).

Here is Cole, Brooke, and Alex working on a puzzle.

Katie and Marnie in the swing.

Here is my aunt playing with all the kids and trying to cool them off. It was so hot!

I tried to take a close up of all the kids here they are.

Yikes, 10 grand kids at one house!! What a bunch of cuties!

Cody is doing pretty well overall. We managed to lay low with him on Wednesday but he was also pretty uncomfortable and not wanting to move around very much. Thursday and Friday were a little more tricky because he wanted to be jumping on the tramp and playing with the kids. He seems to be doing pretty well and the site looks really good. I think the doc was right about having a minimal scar there, I think it is going to look great. Just have to still be careful for the next week or so not to get too crazy.

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