Thursday, July 31, 2008

Off to Hick-town

Wow, it has been a long day. I have worked tons the last two days since it was the end of the month. Glad that is done. Jon and I have been pretty bummed for a few weeks after trying to get the jet ski in the back of the toy hauler and not having any success in getting it to fit. The actual ski is short enough to fit in but adding in the extra length of the tongue on the jet ski trailer was too long. It was a big disappointment since we love camping at the lake and were back to thinking we would have to drive 2 vehicles to get the camper and the jet ski up there. So I was looking online last night and had thought if we could get the jet ski trailer pushed up the ramp so the tongue of the trailer would go through the garage door it could fit, but that's a REALLY heavy trailer. So I was trying to read how other people were able to haul theirs. One guy was talking about a trailer dolly and having him pull and 2 other guys pushing from the back they were able to get it in. So my big idea today was to go get a trailer dolly and see if we could manage it. Jon wasn't having that, he just said it already has a wheel on the end lets just push it. After trying to do it by ourselves I bowed out since there was no way I could muscle the huge trailer up the giant incline on the ramp. After enlisting the help of a neighbor we tried again. Jon pulling from the front and Luis and I pushing from the back. We got a bit of a running start and pushed with all our might. I don't think I have ever worked so hard in my life. Once we got about 1/2 way up the ramp the bottom of the ski was at my neck because it was a big incline and we got stuck. After a second Jon said "you guys got it, I can come help push in the back" when we both yelled, "NO!" I thought I was going to die, and the trailer was going to run me over falling back down the ramp. After 2 times of all 2 pushing and pulling at the same time we finally were able to get it up there. Wow. It took me a few minutes to catch my breath after that. Next time I think I will enlist the help of 2 big neighbors or friends and have them do it. My 115 lbs. wasn't cutting it. But good news is, it's in the camper and we get to take the ski this weekend! Yipee! So here are the pictures of our efforts this evening. Here it is all inside!

See how the ski fits perfectly up to the garage door?

Then the tongue has to overflow into the hallway.

Good thing there will be other people to help us get it out when we are up there. When Jon and I got back inside Alex was watching her new "old" favorite movie, Free Willy. This chick is a big time animal lover. Obsessed with horses, dogs, cats, and now whales. She is overjoyed that we will be getting to meet a whale just like this in Oct when we visit Sea World. Check her out. This is the favorite position to watch TV.

What a riot she is. I just started my pork in the crock pot to cook overnight so we can have the delicious sweet pork burritos tomorrow from my knock off costa vida recipe. Yummy! I can't wait. It is supposed to be 100 degrees both Saturday and Sunday so the water will be so nice to play in. No snow this trip, that's for sure! And hopefully I will be able to find my book on the planet mars, otherwise known as NE.

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Jer said...

Have a great weekend. Sounds like it will be a blast!