Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Am I being Censored on my own blog?

So as I have come to find out, even drama can happen on your blog..... A few posts ago I apparently offended someone with my hick town comment, which I am not going to apologize for, since it was a joke after all. If you missed the drama feel free to read the comments from the previous post "What planet are you from?". I guess now would be an appropriate time to give fair warning to all the lurking blog stalkers I have (which I am totally cool with) that I am a sarcastic person and if you are easily offended and can't take it, don't read. Save the drama for your mamma! :-) I won't warn those who actually know me in real life outside of the blogging world since you all know what I am like and continue to love me the way I am and know I would never hurt anyone's feelings on purpose. Only you can choose to make something offend you, I just write about life from my perspective, not out to intentionally offend or upset anyone. So feel free to continue to read and lurk and see life through my eyes if you can pull up your big girl panties and deal with it. mmm-k!


Jer said...

We all love your personality! I'm glad you're not letting some lurker intimidate you. :)

New York Sims said...

What the.....?!!?

Good grief people, get a life! What are people thinking? You can write whatevah you like, my dear. I'm glad you're not backing down.

I have had a couple of small issues with's one of the crazy reasons I didn't want to go public. I always seem to offend someone somewhere!

AJ said...

A few questions:
A.) Who is Cheryl
B.) Do you even know her?
C.) If not, why the crap was she subscribed to your blog...SPOOKY!
Love ya Sista!

Robyn said...

You are soooo right!!! First of all, this is YOUR blog, and your readers can choose to read it or move on. I personally say whatever is on my mind and probably have offended many people but oh well. I think you are the bestest!!!!