Friday, August 22, 2008

Mixed emotions.

First a quick update on our week. Olivia and I went to Darrian's birthday party last Saturday which was moved in doors due to the enormous amount of rain we got her last weekend. It rained for 3 days here, but we were grateful for the much needed moisture. Here is Olivia and Bella. The kids had fun playing games and hanging out. Here is some twister madness..

After the party Olivia and I went with Alyssa and her girls to this ceramics place in the Orchard's Center called Fire it up Ceramics. It might be my new favorite thing. I am not really that artsy fartsy as my friends can attest to, but this was fun. They have all sorts of things you can paint and fire that are fairly inexpensive and would be fun gifts. Olivia painted an 8 inch letter "o" and I painted an "a" for Olivia's and Alex's rooms. We get them back tomorrow and I will post pictures of them later.

Saturday night Jon and I were able to escape our kids for some alone time since he has been working a ton. Jon and I have found a new hobby of looking at properties that are for sale in our area that we would love to own and finding that great deal with all the foreclosures out there. Jon found one last week in a great neighborhood in the area that sits on 2 acres. It is bank owned and priced well below anything else in the neighborhood. In our dreams we would love to own this home but it is a 3 bedroom ranch with an unfinished basement so we would be starting all over on finishing a basement but the home, property, and location, are all beautiful. We went to go look at the property and were able to walk through this house and of course fell in love. Too bad we have a home we would have to sell to pull it off. We went out to eat at Costa Vida (el yummy-o) and saw the new batman movie. Along with that I saw the Twilight trailer on the big screen for the first time before the movie. This of course was accompanied by the gasping of most of the girls in the theatre when it started and then giggling and quiet chatter after the trailer was over. Jon was like what is that all about and I had to explain "The Twilight phenomenon, duh." Save the date hunny for my girls night in November!!

The first part of the week we spent trying to see what the chances are of actually being able to get into this house between the mortgage company and a realtor. We had someone come and look at our home to see if we even would be able to sell it in the soft market here to get what we need out of it. We are still waiting to hear back from him but at this point it isn't looking too awesome that we would be able to get our house on the market and get it sold in a reasonable amount of time. I guess we will see what he says when we hear back.

Another highlight of my week is getting a new wireless ergonomic mouse. Even cooler, it's pink! Hopefully my wrist won't hurt as bad when I work a ton. Here it is, isn't it cool? Funny the kinds of things I now think are cool, as my husband is now rolling his eyes at me.

Olivia took a really hard crash on her bike on Wednesday and landed right on her chin. She has this awful looking bruise and a bad gash on her chin. I luckily had some left over steri strips from Cody's mishap a few weeks ago and after taking them off today the cut looks actually really good compared to a few days ago. She also bit down on her lower gums really hard since there are no teeth there yet and took out a big chunk there. ye-ouch! We see the dentist next month so we will see what he says about it. Hopefully it is ok.
So that is about it for updates, on to mixed emotions and more about my inner workings. My girlfriend Wendy's mother went into the hospital last week with mysterious issues and they came back saying she had some type of cancer. Another blogging Friend Sue's father passed away on Sunday from Cancer. I borrowed a movie from my mom called Here on Earth and the twist in the plot here is the girl has cancer and dies. I was reading a friend's blog this week about the crappy side effects she is experiencing from Taxotere (or Tax-o-terrible as my chemo nurse used to say) with her eyes watering, mouth sores, and just food having absolutely no good taste. These things I experienced myself doing this drug so I was right in line with the advice on different things to try. I hope they help Heather!! Then I rented a movie that I had heard was good last night called In the land of Women, can you guess what happens here?? Meg Ryan gets breast cancer.....doesn't die though. At least in the time frame of the movie. Annette called me this morning to tell me that in fact Wendy's mom does have cancer and they found out it is called mesothelioma. So this has been my emotional world the last week. Cancer, cancer, cancer.

I just feel like cancer is always lurking there in the corner to show it's nasty face. I take it so personally every time I hear about if affecting another person's life, taking some one's life (even a fictional life), forcing a loved one to deal with the diagnosis of a family member, watching the suffering...... I am actually grateful, as dumb as that may sound, for my cancer experience as it has opened my eyes to many things I wasn't able to see before and brought new perspective to my life. I think I will forever seek to be the supporter of women going through the same things I experienced and want to be a source of strength and comfort to them, and to anyone dealing with any aspect of cancer. I just wish sometimes that it wasn't such and emotional roller coaster day to day. That it didn't profoundly effect me to the inner core, even hearing the word cancer. The new "C" word. But perhaps that's what keeps the strong connection there for me and the strong desire to do everything I can to help find a cure, raise money for the cause, donate my time and efforts to support this cause, and forever be the supporter of other's dealing with this. I hope that in my life time we are able to see a cure to this awful disease.


Michelle said...

I agree that the "C" word is everywhere. It doesn't hit me quite as close as it does you, but pretty darn close to home and has a huge impact on me as well. I think it is great that you havebecome so actively involved in the fight.

Now what is this about wanting to move? This place better be close by!!! Good Luck anyway, I know how it is to find your dream home!! I just got mine by default.

Todd and Wendy said...

I love you E! Thank you for being there for me, and for caring so much and for... ugh, everything. I'll talk to you when I get home Monday.

New York Sims said...

Wow, ya, I'm sitting here trying to type with blurry eyes. I really hate cancer, and I hate even more that it affects you so personally.

I love you, and would do anything for you! Wish I knew you when you were going through this crap, at least then I could make you a dinner or something. Take care, hope to chat soon.


Clymer Fam said...

great job on the kids' cuts. from what i can see they look great! good luck with the house thing. keep us informed... i miss you let's talk soon!

editor said...

AMEN to all that! I hope we find a cure before our daughters have to deal with this shit!

Thanks for all the ideas about how to deal with my side effects. I keep reminding myself that the side effects are better than the alternative. Better a wry, dark sense of humor than endless complaining about the very thing that could possibly be saving my life.

Poor Olivia--that looks like a gigantic bump!

Thanks for your support. And for the laughs the other day about my eyes watering--that was good for my soul.

SJ said...

I agree with Mel, wish I knew you better when you were going through everything... I would have brought you lots of dinners, too. I hate cancer. Hate it. I don't know a single person who is not affected by it.
... on a side note. you can't move. unless that two acres is real close.

Eliza Brock said...

You guys all seriously rock! Good thing for blogs and all the support I get from you chicas! Love ya!