Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of July Weekend Part 2...

On Friday night we brought up some fireworks to set off.

Of course the kids did sparklers. One of the dogs was freaked out by the fireworks and the other one was trying to eat them. It was funny.

Saturday we went on another long day ride and just went all over the mountain. We did this really steep trail were Jon caught some air over both the jumps. That was neat.

We also went through another beaver pond crossing, which is always interesting. The kids just love riding the ATVs. I am glad we found something that we all really enjoy doing.Saturday night when we got back from our ride there was another family that came up that was friends with another person we were camping with. Jon and I had both heard stories about this family and that they have some real problems with alcohol. Both the parents are heavy drinkers and they brought up there son and his girlfriend who are in their early 20s. The son has had multiple DUIs and been in I think 2 drunk driving accidents that were really serious, yet still continues to be a heavy drinker. I am sure you can tell where this story is going.... I put the kids to bed in the camper and was inside for about an hour and came out after we put them to sleep and the kid and his girlfriend were beyond drunk tripping over each other and just completely belligerent. They ended up having someone take them up to the lodge so they were gone for a bit and then when they came back it was even worse. I am pretty sure they were both on drugs at that point also because they were both twitching and just seriously being crazy. I have never seen anything like what happened next. They were just both being so rude to everyone trying to start a fight with the rest of us which there were at least 10 other adults there. The kids mom ended up coming out trying to get them to come back in their trailer which of course turned into a yelling match of obscene language. I have never heard anyone speak to their mother like that. Wow. Apparently this is a regular occurrence with them, how sad. It ended up in a serious knock down drag out, fists flying, legs kicking, pushing, brawl. They would not leave after they were asked repeatedly to at least go away from the rest of us. The girlfriend would not leave and would not stop trying to just get a fight started with everyone. It took 5 good size dudes to get these 2 kids back into their parents trailer and away from the rest of us. Like I said I have never seen anything like that before, a serious fight. Wow. I was so glad my kids weren't awake and didn't wake up. I am just so grateful that we don't have those kinds of issues to deal with in my family. I cannot even imagine ever hearing my children speak to me like that or have these issues be a regular occurrence. It just goes to show what a horrible reality it is for an alcoholic or the family of an alcoholic.

The guys all ended up staying up until about 2 in the morning because we were all afraid they would mess with our things or the ATVs or our vehicles. Pretty sad. We all left that next morning. These people even had the nerve to lecture the friend that invited them up for not being more of an adult in the situation.....WHAT?!? Step back into reality for a quick second and realize you and your family have a HUGE problem! I don't know what he could have done any better than asking them over and over to please leave and they weren't welcome in our camp any longer with that behavior. The girlfriend is the one that started her mouth and also started throwing the punches. What an interesting end to our glorious weekend. I am so glad that nobody that we invited ended up coming. I would have been so embarrassed to have had anyone else witness such crazy behavior.

Between Saturday and Sunday I also finished the first 1/3 of Eclipse, the 3rd book in the Twilight series. I am still really enjoying it even though it is my 2nd time reading it. We were able to get the camper all unpacked on Sunday afternoon and back to where were park it before 3 so Jon could lay down and nap before he had to be back at work on Sunday night.

We decided that we are cancelling our trip to Glendo this week since the sandy beach campground is still flooded. Bummer. I went with one of my girlfriends, Alyssa, yesterday to get a drain pulled. She had a tummy tuck done and has 2 drains under her incision. I felt so bad that she had to go through that. It sucks, big time. She did really well but was so nervous. We were both crying before it was all over. She has one more that has to be pulled tomorrow. Ouch! Hopefully it will be better than yesterday! Way to put on a brave face woman, you look excellent!

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