Thursday, July 17, 2008

Discovery Center Science Museum

On Wednesday we took the kids to the Discovery Center Science Museum here in Fort Collins. It was a little on the older side for my kids but they still enjoyed themselves. It was in an old school building and I don't think they have AC so we were all dying. I would recommend going in the morning. Here is Cody driving the train. You sit in the booth and there is a screen that follows the track and makes noises. Kinda cheesy, but he liked it.

They also had these pulley chairs. You strap in and use a pulley system to pull your chair up to the top of the pole. Olivia and Cole tried it out, but O was a little bit of a wimp and had to have mom pull her up :-)

Even uncle Mason had fun trying to figure out how circuits work.

Here they had a voice delay thing going on. You put the head phones on and talk and then 3 or so seconds later it would come through the phones. My niece Brooke loved it and was singing her favorite primary song. What a cutie pie!

My mom made chocolate covered strawberries for dinner and the kids all got chocolate everywhere! What a cute bunch of dirty kids!

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Toni said...

Isn't Brooke singing so cute? She sang the song from Enchanted to me, and it was so adorable!