Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh Happy Monday...night!

Wow it has been a long day. Work was crazy today. Non stop. It's 8 o'clock and I put in 6 1/2 hours today...with the kids here! AH!
I am glad that is behind me. So of course the weekend was crazy as well. Saturday was my birthday and Jon had worked until about 6am so he rested for the morning while my mom watched the kiddos and I was able to get my pedicure. I LOVE pedicures. I haven't had one since I was going through treatment and it was so nice to be able to do that again. After I went to pick up the kids from my moms we came back to the house and just relaxed which was nice to not be going a million miles an hour. I made myself take a break from work all weekend and that was great! Cody was also giving a little talk in primary on Sunday so we prepared that and I went back through my talk to make sure everything went together nicely. Jon had gotten me a few things so we (as in me and the kids) opened them up in the afternoon. Honestly after you have kids do you ever get to open up your own presents? So here is what I scored....
There are packs for my ATV that strap on the front and back. They can carry food, coats, just whatever you want to take with you on your ride. Also the one in the back doubles as a sort of cushion for the passenger so they have something to lean up against. Snap!

Then he got me these cool Teva sandal/shoes. You can wear socks or no socks and they are super comfy. I am the ultimate outdoors woman.

And oh yeah, who doesn't love VS? I get to pick out my own paraphernalia!For dinner I got a sitter and we went out to eat at the outback with Jon's parents, Aunt & Uncle John, and my parents. Here are the snapshots.

My parents..

Aunt Clara & Uncle John..

Jon's Parents...

Jon and I of course....(me always with my eyes looking goofy)

After dinner Jon took me to see a movie. There really isn't any movies out now that I was dying to see but thought Wanted sounded kinda interesting with Angelina Jolie. There were a lot of really cool scenes in this movie but I think the story was pretty lacking. I did get to spend some time alone with Jon and that is what I wanted to do.Sunday.....Crazy. I do have to say that speaking in church does force you to actually be ready and get there on time, so there is an upside. So I had to give my talk in Sacrament meeting, for those of you that aren't familiar it is the big meeting. I wanted to post it but know some of you aren't interested in reading it so just put it in the next post. Feel free to skip over it if you're not interested. No offense taken :-) It was something that I spent a lot of time preparing and wanted to share with those that are interested. So after sacrament meeting everyone splits up into Sunday school classes. I was racing down to primary (the kids class) since Cody was giving a little talk there when the gal that I team teach the 6 year olds with stopped me in the hall. She wasn't feeling good and needed to go home and it was her day to teach. So I was flustered with having the kids lesson thrust upon me on top of everything else with no preparation, plus trying to find someone extra to sit with the class and myself since there are so many of them. Since my parents were in primary to watch Cody my mom became that person by default. Man I love my mom. So I helped Cody with his talk and he did actually better than I thought. There were 5 little pictures with sayings on them and he repeated 2 of them after me. After realizing that his voice was pretty stinkin' loud with the microphone he decided that was not for him and I finished it off for him. All in all, he did pretty well. After we all went to sit back down with classes my mom read over the lesson for me and did amazing teaching the lesson off of 5 minutes of preparation. She's amazing. After church I was just so relieved to have the day over. Yikes. Too much responsibilities at church today!Jon had to work last night so he had to leave for work at 7 but right before hand my friend Alyssa dropped by to give me a birthday gift. Wow. Check this out! She made me this scrapbook that is amazing and so sweet. Here it is from all views.

The front..

Behind the F in front of the R..

Behind the R in front of the I..Behind the I in front of the E..

Behind the E in front of the N..

Behind the N in front of the D..

Behind the D..

Alyssa.....I love you, you are amazing and I know we will be life long friends. You did an amazing job on the book. I absolutely love it and it will be on display in the Brock household! You're the bomb Alowizzle Morbizzle!


Michelle said...

What a lame self absorbed friend I am!! I didn't even realize it was your birthday. Happy birthday!!! It sounds like overall you had a good day.

Eliza Brock said...

Hey thanks, another year older....and all that!