Monday, June 09, 2008

Buddy Check 9, buddies!

Here is the message in the buddy check 9 reminder this month....

Hello Everyone
Here's a question for you. What's your breast cancer story? We all have one. Maybe the story is personal, it's about you. Perhaps breast cancer is part of your family; your mother, your sister or a grandparent was diagnosed. There may not be a biological connection, it could be a friend. In my son's elementary school, at least four moms have been diagnosed with breast cancer.
Breast cancer is a part of our lives. It is part of our life stories. That is one reason why we hope you will invite Buddy Check 9 into your life. A breast self exam is one way we can encourage early detection of breast cancer. Once a month, every month we ask you to do a self exam and then remind someone else to do the same. Spread the message, and share your story because breast cancer can be beaten. When caught early, it is not life ending, but merely one chapter of a life story.
Until next month, Kim Christianson

Since I have nothing but silicone to to check I feel the need to remind all those ladies around me to do so. Give 'em a squeeze. I am sure everyone reading this knows my breast cancer story so I don't need to re hash any of the fun details :-) I was newly reminded of everything this last weekend with Relay For Life as I hope all that participated were. I heard many "survivor" stories and stories of those who were lost to cancer. Seeing the hundreds of luminaries around the track was so inspirational and brought me to tears several times. So many people have battled this terrible disease, and many have won their battles. I think I am a better person because of the experience but still don't feel like I am long enough gone to feel as though the battle is won or the chapter is over. Hopefully someday it will feel like that. I am proud to were the "2 yr survivor" sticker but hopefully in a few years when I am wearing the 5 or 7 year survivor sticker it will be further from my everyday thoughts.
It isn't far from my mind that it can still come back at some point. It is hard to not think that every time something is bothering you or something is wrong that it isn't "coming back". I go in to have my 6 month testing again in a week. I have to do another brain MRI and get blood work done to see where my tumor markers are. When I got the reminder in the mail last week and opened the letter I just felt my stomach sink. I know I should be so dramatic but I can't help it. I don't think it is far from any survivor's mind. Regardless of the scary feelings I am still so proud to be labeled a survivor and always will. This life experience has truly changed me for the better and I feel it has given me a new perspective on what is important. I love being able to share my story and support those that are going through treatment or are fellow survivors. I also appreciate immensely my friends and family that were there, and are still there for me whenever I need them. Friends and family that will walk for hours in the rain or sun all day and through wee hours of morning. I hope you guys know that I love you and all you do for me and I will never forget your love and support. You guys all deserve a a big gold medal.
I just wanted to remind everyone again about the support group that I started on yahoo for those battling breast cancer and for survivors. If you would like to join the group there is a link on the side bar of my blog. Feel free to pass the information on to those you think might find it helpful.

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Sue Flaska said...

Very well put. It was like reading my own thoughts when I was 2 years out. I am now 4 years out, and it's not something I think about every day now. You'll get there. I never believed it when people told me the same thing, and here I am. That doesn't mean I don't have fears, that I don't get emotional at the cancer walk, that I don't get that sinking feeling when I hear about another woman's diagnosis, but breast cancer is no longer the center of my world. Life is too short.