Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun Tag Post

So my sister Tagged me a few days ago, and although I did take the pictures a few days ago I never got around to posting them. So here we go.
Here are the "rules" for this game of tag. You are supposed to take pictures of the following things just as they are - no stopping to clean, straighten, or to wipe a child's nose: The kitchen sink, the fridge, the toilet, the closet, the laundry room, your favorite shoes, your favorite room, and your kiddies. No cheating!
So here is the sink.....good times. The empty water bottles are normal around here. They can't go in the dishwasher so they are just aways there, awaiting the soapy water hand washing.

Here we have the fridges, loaded with condiments, soda, leftovers....ya know the necessities.

Exciting toilet. This is the bathroom I painted recently. Looks awesome with the shower curtain.

Here is my happy closet. At least my side. And yes Toni, my t shirts and sweaters are also color coordinated. Easier to find!
Moving on to the ever tiny laundry room. A washer and dryer squeezed into this tiny room next to the garage door. I hate it. But anyway it is pretty tidy. I made a goal to try and do a load of laundry a day and immediately fold it out of the dryer. Otherwise it sits in the basket for days until 4 loads accumulate and then I never want to fold it.
Moving on to my favorite shoes, which I did switch pictures for. Jon bought me these Tiva's for my birthday. They are the the kind you can wear without socks. The ultimate outdoor sandals, and VERY comfy might I add! And here are the cutest kids in the world doing the "super star" move. I actually had them dressed and their hair done before 10 in the morning which is unheard of for the summer.

I decided to for go the favorite room since it is in the basement, Oliva's new room and I just posted painting pictures of it a few weeks ago. Well it will be my favorite room when it is all done....hopefully that will be soon!

Okay so there is my tag. I am supposed to name the next people I am tagging but I am not sure they are crazy enough to do it. But what the heck I only have a few blogging friends so you guys are now tagged! Michelle, Alyssa, Aislinn, Robyn, and Jerilyn. You're it....only if you want to!


Robyn said...

What a fun tag!!! Okay, I'm just checking your blog and it is after midnight. I will do this tag in the morning and I promise to not clean up my mess too much!! If I took a picture of my sink now you would totally gross out. I have a ton of dishes to do being Sunday and all!

Robyn said...

Oh ya! Here's my family blog which I am going to try to update regularly!

The Bluths said...

I just invited you to my other blog because I realized I never did it. I put this tag on that blog.

Eliza Brock said...

Ash I love that picture of the babies foot....SO precious! I want a new baby....okay at least one to hold every once in awhile!

Jer said...

Okay, I'll do the tag, but I'm warning you, my house is nowhere near as clean as yours!! :)