Thursday, June 05, 2008

Relay is almost here!

It's been awhile since my last post and, as always, have been staying busy. I wonder if I will ever feel like I don't have anything going on.......I guess that is before being a mom, working, promoting causes, etc, etc, etc.... Oh well. Bring it on baby!

So busy last week with work and it being the end of the month. We did our relay for life garage sale last Saturday. Jon and Seth decided to take all our kids up camping for the weekend and Courtnee and I went up after the garage sale. Courtnee and Seth also acquired a camper this year and we are glad to have such great friends that enjoy the same things we do. Since Courtnee was helping me with the sale she came over here and stayed with me on Friday night. After work on Friday my team and I went over to my parent's house and organized all our paraphernalia. My friend Abbey had seen the card I posted earlier on my blog and decided to make some shirts along the same lines.....

Aren't they funny. We thought so, and decided we would make some for our Relay team. After the organizing we went Wal Mart to get shirts and stuff to make some signs to promote the sale. Abbey, Courtnee, Jenn and myself all went back to my house for some girlfriend time and made signs and watched Juno. None of us had seen it. It was, in my opinion, kinda awkward and I am not sure I would have liked it had I not been watching it with my girlfriends. They are always saying the most off the wall stuff. I watched a re run episode of Rachael Ray the other day with Jennifer Garner on and she was talking about Juno also. Rachael promoted it as a real world "family" movie. Okay I don't think I would go that far seeing as how it is centered around a pretty adult topic of teenage pregnancy, but there were some funny parts. I guess in a setting with some girlfriends we enjoyed it though. I haven't had a 'sleepover' with a girlfriend since I can't even remember when, so that was pretty fun. Thanks Court!

Saturday we did our Relay for Life garage sale. I don't want to call it a flop but really wish we could have had some more traffic. I think if we do it next year we need to try and get it in one of those "neighborhood" sales to get more business. We made $300 and were happy to give that to our team fund! Go team!

Afterwards Courtnee and I drove up to Wyocolo, where we camp, and met the families. It was gorgeous all weekend. I kept my capri's and flip flops on until bedtime and we rode the four wheelers in short sleeves the next day. I got a sun burn. Wow what a difference a week made. From snow to the 70s. I was so happy. Isn't this funny though, some snow on the ground and in short sleeves. Olivia is still loving her four wheeler and getting better and better. Here is a quick clip of her going through the mud. She's so funny!

Of course what is camping with some out of control campfire. Apparently those dry pine needles are some serious stuff! Look at those flames baby! They are taller than Seth.

The kids always love camping, four wheeling, and being outdoors so we had a great weekend. I also had lots more time to almost finish the 3rd book in the Twilight series, Eclipse. Wow, all I can say is that I am a thoroughly addicted fan of this series. We came home on Monday and I finished it on Tuesday. Love it, love it, love it. For as skeptical as I was about reading these books in the beginning (who wouldn't be by the description of a vampire love story) I can't believe how good they were. Even my mom really liked them. If you haven't read them, you definitely are missing out and should read them. I don't even read very often. I think the last book I read was Harry Potter. I definitely became a book worm for the last couple weeks reading the series now. Jon wanted to know if he could have his wife back. I told him, well at least for the next two months until book 4 comes out, Breaking Dawn. ha!

This week I was able to chat with a gal in town that was newly diagnosed with 4 kids. I think the oldest is 8 and youngest is 2. She was just starting treatment this week and I couldn't help just going back to that time in my life and remembering how scared I was. Never speaking with anyone else that was a survivor and not knowing what to expect. It was just such a confusing and whirl wind time. I was glad that she was able to connect with a few people before starting treatment that had been there. I put together a 'chemo bag' for her for all those things that you never knew you needed. I hope that it is helpful for her and know she will do great...Go Heather!! I really hope that if there is anything I can ever do to make the journey easier for someone else I can do it. I started a message board on yahoo awhile ago to try and set up more of an online support for breast cancer survivors. I never had time or just felt too crappy during treatment to go to support group functions but know that I really would have taken advantage of an online support. I was going to try and keep it for local women but have decided to invite anyone who is a survivor or currently in treatment and still looking for a support outlet, wants to support others, or have a forum to ask those questions about treatment, side effects, or anything about the disease to log on. It is a yahoo group and the group name is hope_lives after the local support group here in town. Feel free to log on using this link Hope_Lives Yahoo Group. It is free so tell your friends and sign on! I will also put a link on the side bar of my blog. If you have any questions on how to do it send me an email or comment and I will walk you through it. You have to create a yahoo id, but like I said it is easy and free! Let's start supporting each other ladies!

My sister Toni, came into town yesterday with her son, Jack. I can't believe how much he has grown since the last time we saw them. We were all so excited to see them. I just copied her blog address to link to her name and she has a groovy song on there. Funkytown baby! Makes me want to dance. Today she came over and we went to lunch and shopped a little. We had a good time. Well as much fun as you can have while yelling and chasing your children through the store. :-)

Other than that just gearing up for Saturday and Sunday for Relay. I am really looking forward to it and am excited to see how much different it will be from last year. We are ready to kick some cancer bootie!


Toni said...

WoW!!! Jon, you are the beat at lighting your farts. That's a huge flame.


Toni said...

Whoops... I meant your the best, darn what should have been really funny just turned lame.

mickeydee said...

Cute t-shirt! LOVE it!

Spaces of Gray said...

Thanks for all your support. I dearly love your t-shirt, and I so appreciate being welcomed so warmly into your life.