Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend Update

Well we have been pretty eventful since the last time I posted. Thursday afternoon we had crazy weather here. There were a bunch of tornados that touched down, the largest in Jon's home town of Windsor where his parents still live. There was massive destruction there but thankfully Jon's parents were safe and their house and vehicles only received minimal damage compared to a large majority of the town. A friend just emailed me this picture of the tornado before it hit. Isn't it amazing?

Needless to say we spent a large part of the day on tornado warning and in the basement with the kids. Most of the schools in the area were on lock down and preparing for the worst. Thank goodness there wasn't one here in Loveland.

That pretty much screwed the day for preparation to go camping so we had to cram all the rest of the shopping and packing into Thursday night and Friday morning. Mom and dad had met us up in Laramie to go with us but after we got on the forest service road they decided to turn around and come home since it started to rain and the road was in pretty bad shape for my dad to be driving a car on. It ended up raining and snowing on and off most of the time we were up there but we still had a great time. We had a few glitches with the camper the first time we had it out. The fridge was giving us some issues on and off and the carbon monoxide detector went off on us on Friday night. After we aired it out a bit everything was fine. This is what we went to bed to on Friday night.
Good thing for a warm camper! Or so I thought until we woke up freezing on Saturday morning. Turns out the indicator on the propane tanks we thought were full was broken and they were both empty. After we got a new one though everything was back up and running. Jon had taken the TV out of the bedroom to put in the camper so we still enjoyed a few movies while we were up that is what I call camping. I hung out in the camper for a good part of the weekend keeping warm and reading both Twilight and New Moon the first and second book in the series by Stephanie Meyer. I couldn't put them down and have already started the 3rd book, Eclipse. The kids were perfectly content to be playing outside in the cold and taking turns riding the ATVs on Saturday while it was snowing then raining then drizzling.

Sunday actually stayed sunny but was still chilly. We had a pretty nice ride on the ATVs for most of the day before it started sprinkling again. Here are some snap shots.

Monday we woke up to rain and snow again and headed out late morning as soon as we got everything together. It was a fun trip and I really enjoyed my books and just relaxing with the family.

Tuesday I went in to get my hair cut and colored again and brought Olivia with me. We both got a cut. She wanted to cut her hair as short as mine and I told her no way. We finally agreed on to the shoulders so she can still put it up in a pony. What a cutie!

Since we have been back I have been playing catch up with laundry and now working a bunch. We are getting ready to have our relay for life garage sale on Saturday and I think Jon is going to take the kids up camping again this weekend....we will see. I put the rest of our weekend pictures on picasa. Enjoy.

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