Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hello to the 80's!

As in the weather. It was actually a nice day today. Finally May weather. Well it has been non stop all week. Busy, busy. Monday I spent most the day getting ready for our Relay for Life fundraiser at Baskin Robbins. I went over to my friend Wendy's house and we made signs to hold up with Annette and Julie. They turned out really nice.

They also are making a quilt for our silent auction contribution, and it looks great so far.

I also had to go to physical therapy in the afternoon. Things are still looking up there. Just need to keep up with my stretching and exercises. We were at Baskin Robbins from 5 to 9 on Monday night and had a decent turn out and lots of help.

We had some girls from church volunteer to stand and hold signs, which was so nice since it rained and then snowed on Monday night. Stupid weather! We still had a good turn out for cold weather. Here are some fun pictures of all of us holding signs outside and freezing our butts off, and also of us helping scoop ice cream. I have to say that scooping ice cream is not as easy as I once thought that it was. That takes some serious arm and pec muscles. Wow. Wendy also made us some really cute pink shirts that say Cancer Sucks across them. I think we will wear them to Relay. We haven't gotten the final numbers from Baskin Robbins but we made $110 in tips and cash donations. I was really pleased with how well we did.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all really busy with work for me and Jon was working days this week so he leaves early and gets home late. But it was nice to be able to have him here at night to snuggle up with. Most of my shows had their season finales this week. Survivor, The Bachelor, CSI, and Without a Trace. My DVR is going to be getting a nice break this summer.

As you probably noticed I have given my blog a face lift as well. Downloading some free digital scrapbook software and following some easy step by step instructions I really like the new look. The websites I used are at the bottom of my blog on a links list. Wow, this could get addicting. It also took me a lot of time to figure out changing some dimensions so my posts were wider, like they were before. I think it is more reader friendly. Whatcha think??

Friday my work had a company BBQ doing fundraising for a homeless charity here and they were kind enough to let me set up a table to sell the pizza cards for Relay. It went great and I was able to sell 12 pizza cards and also got some cash donations. Everyone was very generous! Jon and I were able to go spend some time together last night. We did some shopping and went to see Maid Of Honor. It was the "ultimate chick flick" according to Jon but we both enjoyed it. Who doesn't like Patrick Dempsey? Cute movie. We picked out some bedding for Olivia's new room downstairs (to be finished in 2010). ha! Hopefully we will have our basement done sooner rather than later.

Today Jon was on call and the kids and I went to my parent's house. Olivia and Alex stayed and "helped" my mom plant some things in her garden and Cody came with me to pick out some paint for Olivia's room and our front bathroom. My walls are all so boring, so I am starting with our bathroom. I started painting this afternoon and only got one wall done before my arm and chest hurt so bad I couldn't finish. I suppose it will be yet another project that will be on my honey do list. I do have to have help with most of the rest of it since I am not sure how to paint around some of the hardware and the toilet. Jon left at 7am this morning and he still isn't home and it is after 10pm. I bet he is so tired! I know I I am off to bed!


Toni said...

Maybe I can help you paint when I come out. Is it weird that I like to paint? I'm glad the bachelor picked Shayne, they're cute together! Congrats on the successful fundraisers.

Eliza Brock said...

I know they are super cute. Except I want to see a current update on them and can't find one! That would be awesome. Let's paint!!