Friday, May 09, 2008

Buddy Check 9, buddy

Hi out there to all my blog readers. If you know me you know you will be hearing about buddy check 9 on the 9th of every month. Buddy check 9 is a reminder to do your monthly self breast exam. EARLY DETECTION IS KEY! I also learned at our most recent relay meeting this week that the most preventable cancer is.....colon cancer. Encourage everyone you know that is "that age" to get their colonoscopy. This is the only cancer that they can remove by detecting the "pre cancerous" polyps and removing them. I am sure it is not a fun thing to do but again....early detection saves lives! Here is our monthly message from buddy check 9 go to gal Kim Christiansen:

Hello Everyone!
This is perfect timing for our monthly Buddy Check reminder, since Mother's Day is this weekend. This is our opportunity to express our love and gratitude to our mothers and grandmothers. It is also a time to reflect on the gift of family and friends.
Today I'm enclosing the story of two friends, two buddies in the breast cancer battle. Just this week they shared their story with me.
Jane and Peggy have been best friends for 24 years. In September 2007, they celebrated the marriage of Jane's son. Peggy says Jane looked stunning at the wedding and demonstrated an amazing spirit on such a special day, especially because it came two months after she had surgery for breast cancer. In a twist of fate, months later, Peggy was diagnosed with breast cancer too. Her surgery was just a couple of months ago. Peggy is now undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
In 24 years of friendship, Peggy and Jane have raised children, survived divorce and job changes and enjoyed many blessings and challenges. Together they plan to embrace their new challenge, surviving breast cancer. Peggy's message adds, "We understand and appreciate the concept of what it means to have a Buddy. Our paths to discovering cancer and our plans for treatment are very different, but we have never been more unified. Through faith in God and each other, we live every day with purpose, passion and a great deal of laughter and we hope to be role models for other women."
We all hope to have a friendship like Peggy and Jane do, and we wish them health and happiness.
Please tell someone you care about to do a breast self exam.

My week has been pretty busy. The guy that does my job (and more) from the office was training this week so I had to work a bunch extra. Jon has also been working until the morning hours like 7 and 8 so has been asleep for most of the day. Back to feeling like a single mom for the week. I had my Relay for Life captains meeting on Tuesday and am gearing up for an exciting weekend in June. My team has our Baskin Robbins fundraising night this Monday from 5 to 9, so don't forget to stop by and get an ice cream with the family and support us! We are also trying to collect donations for our garage sale on May 31st. All proceeds for this will benefit American Caner Society. Also if anyone is interested in purchasing the Nick N' Willys cards let me know. They are 10 dollars and good for 10 LARGE pizzas. This is such a great deal and again benefits American Cancer Society. Give me a shout if you want one.
Yesterday I had my 6 week follow up with Dr. Brewster. She is overall happy with the results as am I, but the right side is still tighter, and a bit harder causing me to look a LITTLE bit smaller on that side. I had asked her about physical therapy helping this in time and she said most likely my muscle tightness will for sure improve but the damage from radiation with the scar tissue will only improve if she goes in there again and loosens up the scar tissue. She said she can also put a little bit bigger implant in that side so they are more symmetrical. All options of course would be paid for by insurance and she said I was welcome to do this whenever I wanted or not at all. I am glad to have the option, but need to really think about if I want to do that or not. For sure I am not going to be doing anything for awhile. I am just going to enjoy my summer and relax and feel NORMAL.
If you haven't supported Relay for Life yet there are lots of oppertunities to either just donate to me or my team online (follow the link on the side), or support one of our fundraising efforts of Baskin Robbins, Nick N Willys, or the garage sale. Help us support the great cause!

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