Monday, May 05, 2008

Where have I been for a week? #2

Yikes I am pretty well doing terrible at keeping my blog up to date in the last week. I know last week I was super busy with work and didn't have much free time to update but have been had really nothing to do with work the last few days so that has been a welcomed break. Jon has been working a bunch and I have been trying to play catch up with house work and things I haven't "gotten to" for awhile. Last week we had a few really nice days in the upper 70s and then the last part of the week was freezing and even snowed one day. Huh? Enough already. I thought it was May? Let's get to that 80 degree weather already! Olivia only has a month of school left so we are trying to figure out some fun things for everyone to do for the summer with the city like soccer, swimming, or dance. We will see what works out. I got to go on a girls night out with my friends on Friday which was a blast. We went to Olive Garden for Dinner and then out bowling. It is Mel's birthday this week so we made her wear this crown and sash all night. It was funny. Then of course we had WAY too much fun bowling. Alyssa lifts her arm up so high in the back when she bowls so we were all having fun with her. I can't even lift my arm back that high with nothing in it let alone with a 10 pound ball in it. So here is Alyssa doin' her thang....

Then here is Mel's version....

And here is Aislinn's version....I thought we were going to get kicked out for this :-) Oh wow!

She said she got the ball way up there and couldn't put it back down so it fell in front of here head. My goodness I am still laughing about it!

So I won the first game but then couldn't play anymore because it hurt my arm too much. Michelle was having shoulder problems so she bowled the whole game left handed and got 2nd place. Good job Michelle!

I uploaded the rest of the pictures on my picasa site.

Saturday we ran errands in the morning and picked up a few new house plants and bushes for the yard. Olivia went to her friend Isaac's birthday party in the afternoon and had fun jumping on his new tramp and playing on the swing set. She wants to know when we are getting a park in our back yard... We had Alyssa and Heath and Vernon and Kira over for dinner and games on Saturday. It was fun to do game night and we bar-b-qued burgers and brats. Tis the season for those fun get togethers.

I am also trying to get more Relay for Life stuff organized. I am pretty sure I recruited both Michelle and Melanie to be on our team and have had a few others sign up this weekend, so I am getting really excited. We are doing a fundraising night at Baskin Robbins here in Loveland in Orchard's Center on 287 and 29th on May 12th from 5 to 9pm so plan on stopping by with your family and friends to buy ice cream and support us. We are also trying to get together stuff to do a garage sale again at the end of the month. If you have anything you might be able to donate send me an email or give me a call. I will try to be better about updating my blog this week :-)

I have physical therapy again this afternoon and am feeling better everyday. I also have my one month follow up with my surgeon Dr. Brewster on Thursday. Hopefully all is going well and the scar tissue isn't building up too much around my right implant. I can tell it is definitely tighter than my right side. Although I am not complaining. I am perfectly happy with the results and realize it isn't ever going to be perfect. At least the technology exists to be able to have this kind of reconstruction. I am so grateful to be here today and be healthy! Last year at this time I was just starting radiation. Good bye and good riddance to that!

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Ritagirl said...

OMG!! I can't believe she threw that ball over her head like that!! LOL!
You just gave me an idea with the Baskin-Robbins fund raiser... mind if I steal it?