Friday, May 09, 2008

New Look

The more blogs I frequent the more I think mine is boring. I got this background through my friend Alyssa's links but have added the link to this page on the side bar of my blog on the blogs I frequent. If anyone else has a link to free neat backgrounds let me know. I am not crazy about this one but it was the one I liked the most. Whatcha think?
Also I had to say how excited I am about our Disneyland Trip in October. I got an email saying Orbitz was having a big sale on round trip airfare on select round trip tickets from Denver through October. I have been watching the fare for awhile and last I checked it was $245. I bought our tickets yesterday for $138 a piece! Nice! That saved me a few hundred bucks when buying tickets for 5. We are so excited to be going and planning to go.
I also was excited today to get an email about Bath and Body having their anti bacterial soaps on sale 5 for $10. They only run this sale a few times a year so I love stocking up on these. They are nice to have on hand for last minute gifts. Who doesn't love yummy smelling soaps, especially when they are 2 bucks a piece?!? I love saving money. Oh and getting money. We got our "stimulus" check today. Good thing so I can pay for those airline tickets! Ha!
I have been looking for a jewelry amoire for my mother's Day present but haven't been able to find one I love. I saw them at Target a few weeks ago and they had them online, but not in the store. I found an OK one at American Furniture that was on clearance but I don't love it. Anyone have one they love and where did you find it??


Toni said...

Cute background! I love how you icorporated the pink. I got my backgrounds from Little Dreamer Designs. You can link to their site from the bottom of my blog.

Michelle said...

I like the changes. It is always fun to have a facelift. You got a great deal on those airline tickets great job.

Janna said...

So, I love your new layout. I have a question for you about how you did it. I use PZam for my layouts and every time I want to put a new one on it deletes everything "extra" on my page. It only saves my posts. Do you know how to make it so that I don't lose everything?